Laura Shannon Prize Winner

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Publication Year: 2021

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Muslims and the Making of Modern Europe

by Emily Greble

2023 Silver Medalist in History and Social Sciences

Jury Statement

“Emily Greble’s impressive and deeply researched book delineates the varied ways in which Muslims were ‘othered’ in the series of post-Ottoman regimes in the lands that became Yugoslavia. Greble dexterously handles a staggering range of complexity and diversity — ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious (including within Islam) — and her multilinguistic archival research is remarkable; the storytelling and choice of synecdochal anecdotes effective; and the overarching narrative works well in a political history of social coexistence and conflict. With originality, Greble succeeds in writing more from ‘below’ than from ‘above,’ prioritizing Muslim views, actions, institutions and experiences. Epitomizing the value of thorough and careful academic research, this outstanding study promises to be a reference in the field of southeastern European studies. But its implications resonate far more widely in a world where minority rights continue to pose challenges to states that privilege religiously and ethnically homogenous populations.”  

Final Jury

Laura Lee Downs
Professor of History
European University Institute

Brad S. Gregory
Henkels Family College Professor of History
University of Notre Dame

Katy Hayward
Professor of Political Sociology
Queen’s University, Belfast

Eileen M. Hunt
Professor of Political Science
University of Notre Dame

Helmut Walser Smith
Martha Rivers Ingram Professor of History
Vanderbilt University