Laura Shannon Prize Winner

Sarotte 1989

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Publication Year: 2009

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1989: The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe

by Mary Elise Sarotte

2011 Honorable Mention in History and Social Sciences

Jury Statement (Honorable Mention)

Mary Elise Sarotte in 1989: The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe recounts the accidents, political calculations, and social changes that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. Linking individual stories to high politics, Sarotte’s masterly narrative and skillful studies of key decision-makers argue that the structure of today’s post-cold war world was not inevitable. Beautifully written and well-researched; a landmark study of European politics.

Final Jury

Nancy Bermeo
Nuffield Professor of Politics, Emeritus
Princeton University

Felipe Fernández-Armesto
William P. Reynolds Professor of History
University of Notre Dame

Laura Engelstein
Henry S. McNeil Professor Emerita of Russian History
Yale University

James Sheehan
Dickason Professor in the Humanities, Emeritus
Stanford University

Catherine H. Zuckert
Nancy Reeves Dreux Professor of Political Science
University of Notre Dame