Will the "Third Rome" Reunite With the "First Rome"?

Author: Jennifer Lechtanski

On Sept. 18, inside Castel Gandolfo, the Pope’s summer palace about 30 miles outside Rome, a Russian Orthodox Archbishop named Hilarion Alfeyev, 43 (a scholar, theologian, expert on the liturgy, composer and lover of music), met with Benedict XVI, 82 (also a scholar, theologian, expert on the liturgy and lover of music), for almost two hours, according to informed sources. (There are as yet no “official” sources about this meeting — the Holy See has still not released an official communiqué about the meeting.) Read More

The Nanovic Institute will be holding a Visiting Scholar Seminar October 24-30 based on “Ecumenism and Peace Studies with Antoine Arjakovsky”. Arjakovsky is an Orthodox Theologian in the Patriarchate of Constantinople, a Professor of Theologyan Director, Institute of Ecumenical Studies, L’viv, Ukraine, and a Pioneer in Ecumenism in the Former USSR.