Visiting scholars: Summer 2017

Author: Jennifer Lechtanski

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Marcela Andoková
Comenius University of Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Faculty of Arts, Department of Classical and Semitic Philology

Marcela's research areas include classical philology, early-Christian and patristic studies, ancient and modern rhetoric. Her focus this July will be “The Ambivalence of Augustine’s Rhetoric in Relation to the Jews” as well as research Augustine’s Commentaries on the Psalms.

Piotr Bolibok
The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
Institute of Economics and Management
Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Banking and Finance

Piotr will join the Institute for the month of July to work on the culture of debt in the U.S. and post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe.  His academic interests focus on market-based accounting research, corporate finance, banking, household finance, and macroeconomics.

Oleh Yaskiv
Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine
Director of Information-Resource Center/Library - The Sheptytsky Center

Oleh will spend five weeks working on his research of the philosophy of science, materials science, surface engineering, nanotechnologies, biomedicine, aircraft, and nuclear energy. The main focus of his research will create a new interdisciplinary course “Philosophy of Science and Culture” and inauguration of the new Sheptytsky Center at the Ukrainian Catholic University. He will then join the Catholic Leadership Institute July 8-16, 2017.

Magdalena Charzyńska-Wójcik
John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
Department of History of the English Language and Translation Studies
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Magadalena will start her summer at the Nanovic Institute by first joining the CUP Leadership Institute in July and will stay on to focus on her research of historical linguistics.  Her recent lecture titles were entitled “Music, Metricity, and Memory: The Medieval Meets the Modern in the Scottish Psalter” and “Leaning Toward the Pisa Model of Translation.”

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