Visiting Scholars: July 2016



Rev. Prof. Ihor Boyko

Rev. Prof. Ihor Boyko (Ukraine)

A married priest in the Lviv Archeparchy, Rev. Ihor Boyko is Head of the School of Bioethics at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) and Rector of the Holy Spirit Seminary in Lviv. He earned his doctoral degree in Moral Theology from the Pontifical Lateran University in 2006, writing a dissertation entitled The Sense of Human Life in Contemporary Bioethical Discussions. Author of Ukraine’s standard textbook and professional manual, Bioethics, he teaches moral theology at UCU, at two seminaries, and at the Lviv National Medical University. At Notre Dame in July, he will be working on the text’s new edition.


Jana Juhasova

Prof. Jana Juhásová (Slovakia)

Prof. Jana Juhásová, Assistant Professor in the Department of Slovak Language & Literature at the Catholic University in Ruzomberok, teaches literary theory and modern Slovak poetry. Her dissertation from Comenius University, Litany of the Surrealists and the Poetry of Modern Catholic Poets (2009), focused on modern poetry and metaphysics. She will be at Notre Dame in July to study the literary criticism of Harold Bloom, who she says “does not reduce literature to a circulation of ‘social energies.’” Since much of contemporary Slovak criticism still labors under the dominant influence of Russian formalism, Czech structuralism, and French poststructuralism, Prof. Juhásová hopes is interested in how “the spiritual aspect” became important in Bloom’s work.


Slawomir Nowosad

Rev. Prof. Slawomir Nowosad (Poland)

Rev. Prof. Slawomir Nowosad is Professor and Chair of Ecumenical Moral Theology at John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin, Poland, where he has served as Vice-Rector. A long-time friend and colleague of the Nanovic Institute through the Catholic Universities Partnership, Fr. Nowosad specializes in the ecumenical context of Christian moral theology. In July, he will be at Notre Dame to read, write, and bring his new book, Studies in Contemporary Protestant Ethics, current with the state of anglophone scholarship on new Protestant trends in Christian ethics and Catholic moral teaching in the US.


Valentina Zaffino

Dr. Valentina Zaffino (Italy)

Dr. Valentina Zaffino, Research Associate in the Faculty of Philosophy at Pontifical Lateran University, where she teaches a course on Plato and Aristotle as well as one in Renaissance philosophy, will also be here for the month of July. Her plan is to work on Platonism and Hermetism in the Preaching of Nicholas of Cusa: at the Origins of European Renaissance, a book manuscript that focuses on Cusanus’s sermons and their relationship to, among other things, Hermetic astrology. Such a relationship places Cusanus between medieval and modern cultures and suggests interesting parallels with Giordano Bruno and the Cambridge Platonists two centuries later.