Summer travel and research

Author: Jennifer Lechtanski

Research Infographic V 1

The projects are all exciting and range from careful archival studies of medieval romances to understanding the dynamics of political dissidence in Ukraine today. Each project below came from a student's independent initiative, usually oriented toward the completion of a senior thesis, master's project, or dissertation. In some cases, the fruits of research will be a deeper knowledge of European history and life. In all cases, the research experience will be rich, complicated, and rewarding. 

  • Arslan, Sevda (Ph.D. Anthropology), "Impact of Migration on Zazaki Language and Identity Formation"
  • Carballude, Ivan ('18, History and Economics), "Golden Frontier: How the Portuguese Empire Used Indigenous Knowledge to Unlock the  Riches of Minas Gerais"
  • Ciraulo, Jonathan (Ph.D. Theology), "The Eucharistic Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar"
  • Compton, Pau (Connor) ('18, History), "Kicking Out Colonialism: Football as Resistance in British Imperial Africa"
  • Dell'Oso, Lorenzo (Ph.D. Italian), "The Sources of Dante's Intellectual Formation"
  • Ensley, Mimi (Ph.D. English), "Transmedia Traditions: Making Medieval Romance After Caxton"
  • Foster, Ashley (Ph.D. History), "Through a Glass Darkly: the Landscape of Scottish Lay Piety within the Fledgling British Empire"
  • LeBlanc, Dylan (Ph.D. History), "Capturing Empire: British Government Men, Atlantic Slavery, and the Roots of the Modern State"
  • Lemke, Steven (MFA) "Sculpture as Critical Experience: A Concurrent Analysis of Site, Context, and Agency in Contemporary European Installation Art"
  • Lo Pinto, Alberto (Ph.D. Italian), "Living on Borders: Cityscapes in Transformation in Italian Literature and Cinema of the 'Economic Miracle'"
  • Magree, Michael (Ph.D. Theology), "The Theology of Divine Self-Emptying in 19th and 20th Century Germany"
  • Martsinkiv, Nelia (Ph.D. History), "Exploring Dissident Archives in Ukraine"
  • Mazurek, Marek ('18, History), "Conceptions of Monarchy in Early Modern England: The Origins of Divine Right Theory   Honors Methodology - History Department
  • Neis, Laura ('18, History and Mathematics), "Female Martyrdom under Queen Elizabeth I"
  • Nickel, Breanna (Ph.D. Theology), "Balthasar Hubmaier's Doctrine of the Will"
  • Smith, Jenny (Ph.D. History), "Fish, Cloth, and Gold: The Reformation and Material Culture in Early Modern London and Antwerp"
  • Smith, Kelly ('18, History), "Disability and Dissent: An Examination of the T4 Program and Public Outcry"
  • Snyder, Jillian (Ph.D. English), Sir Stanley Wells Studentship
  • Springer, Mitchell (MFA), "Sacred Sites and Contemporary Art Viewing in Italy and Greece"
  • Tan, Tianyi ('18, History and Political Science), "Media Censorship during the French Revolution (1789-1794)"
  • Tassi, Francesco ('18, International Economics and Peace Studies), "Understanding Integration: A Study of Local Dynamics, Refugees & Asylum Seekers In Southern Europe"
  • Wright, Benjamin (Ph.D. Medieval Studies), "Publishing the Imitation of Christ before Print"
  • Zimmern, Arnaud (Ph.D. English), "John Donne Goes to Lausanne, John Milton to Geneva"