Summer travel and research

Author: Jennifer Lechtanski

Research Infographic

The projects are all exciting and range from careful archival studies of medieval romances to understanding the dynamics of political dissidence in Ukraine today. Each project below came from a student's independent initiative, usually oriented toward the completion of a senior thesis, master's project, or dissertation. In some cases, the fruits of research will be a deeper knowledge of European history and life. In all cases, the research experience will be rich, complicated, and rewarding. 

  • Arslan, Sevda (Ph.D. Anthropology), "Impact of Migration on Zazaki Language and Identity Formation"
  • Carballude, Ivan ('18, History and Economics), "Golden Frontier: How the Portuguese Empire Used Indigenous Knowledge to Unlock the  Riches of Minas Gerais"
  • Ciraulo, Jonathan (Ph.D. Theology), "The Eucharistic Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar"
  • Compton, Pau (Connor) ('18, History), "Kicking Out Colonialism: Football as Resistance in British Imperial Africa"
  • Dell'Oso, Lorenzo (Ph.D. Italian), "The Sources of Dante's Intellectual Formation"
  • Ensley, Mimi (Ph.D. English), "Transmedia Traditions: Making Medieval Romance After Caxton"
  • Foster, Ashley (Ph.D. History), "Through a Glass Darkly: the Landscape of Scottish Lay Piety within the Fledgling British Empire"
  • LeBlanc, Dylan (Ph.D. History), "Capturing Empire: British Government Men, Atlantic Slavery, and the Roots of the Modern State"
  • Lemke, Steven (MFA) "Sculpture as Critical Experience: A Concurrent Analysis of Site, Context, and Agency in Contemporary European Installation Art"
  • Lo Pinto, Alberto (Ph.D. Italian), "Living on Borders: Cityscapes in Transformation in Italian Literature and Cinema of the 'Economic Miracle'"
  • Magree, Michael (Ph.D. Theology), "The Theology of Divine Self-Emptying in 19th and 20th Century Germany"
  • Martsinkiv, Nelia (Ph.D. History), "Exploring Dissident Archives in Ukraine"
  • Mazurek, Marek ('18, History), "Conceptions of Monarchy in Early Modern England: The Origins of Divine Right Theory   Honors Methodology - History Department
  • Neis, Laura ('18, History and Mathematics), "Female Martyrdom under Queen Elizabeth I"
  • Nickel, Breanna (Ph.D. Theology), "Balthasar Hubmaier's Doctrine of the Will"
  • Smith, Jenny (Ph.D. History), "Fish, Cloth, and Gold: The Reformation and Material Culture in Early Modern London and Antwerp"
  • Smith, Kelly ('18, History), "Disability and Dissent: An Examination of the T4 Program and Public Outcry"
  • Snyder, Jillian (Ph.D. English), Sir Stanley Wells Studentship
  • Springer, Mitchell (MFA), "Sacred Sites and Contemporary Art Viewing in Italy and Greece"
  • Tan, Tianyi ('18, History and Political Science), "Media Censorship during the French Revolution (1789-1794)"
  • Tassi, Francesco ('18, International Economics and Peace Studies), "Understanding Integration: A Study of Local Dynamics, Refugees & Asylum Seekers In Southern Europe"
  • Wright, Benjamin (Ph.D. Medieval Studies), "Publishing the Imitation of Christ before Print"
  • Zimmern, Arnaud (Ph.D. English), "John Donne Goes to Lausanne, John Milton to Geneva"