Prof. Vanesa Miseres Wins Prize for Best Article

Author: Maurcia Marschke

23102022 Mg 3420 Vanesa Miseres 1

Professor Vanesa Miseres has received the 2023 Victoria Urbano Prize for best academic article awarded by the Association of Gender & Sexualities Studies. According to the selection committee, her work “La Guerra del Paraguay y sus otras alianzas: las memorias de Dorothéa Duprat y el Libro de Oro” [The Paraguayan War and its Other Alliances: Dorothéa Duprat’s memoirs and the Libro de Oro] was selected for its contribution to the understanding of the Paraguayan War (1864-1870) from a gendered perspective, highlighting women’s divergent perceptions of the conflict. The article analyzes the account of the Paraguayan War (fought between Paraguay and the alliance of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil) by the French educator Dorothéa Duprat, who was a war captive by the Paraguayan military, vis-á-vis the Libro de Oro, a collective book that registers the testimony and donations of Paraguayan women in support of the national troops. The book was appropriated by the Brazilian army after the defeat of Paraguay in 1870 and was among the jewels of the Imperial Crown in the National Historical Museum of Rio de Janeiro for more than a century, until it was recovered by the Paraguayan government in 1975. It was not until a few years ago that it became available to researchers. The Victoria Urbano Prize was created in honor of the Costa Rican author, poet and university professor Victoria Urbano, winner of the León Felipe Prize and founder of the International Association of Hispanic Women’s Literature and Culture in 1974. The association was established for the purpose of advancing the study of women- and gender-related topics in Hispanic literature and promoting the work of Hispanic women writers. This is the second recognition that Prof. Miseres receives for this article, which was recently awarded an Honorable Mention for Best Article by the 19th Century Section of the Latin American Studies Association. You can read Professor Miseres’s article here.

Originally published by Maurcia Marschke at on October 30, 2023.