Nanovic Dissertation Fellowships and Graduate Grants for 2015/16

Author: Anthony Monta


The Institute made 65 individual awards to graduate students this year, an increase over last year’s fifty-four. Acceptance rate: 58%.

European studies were supported across the disciplines. In descending order of frequency, grant applications came from History, English, Philosophy, Peace Studies and (Theology, Political Science), Ph.D. in Literature, Law, Theology, Economics, Sociology, Art, Art History & Design, Architecture, French and Francophone Studies, History and Philosophy of Science, Italian Studies, Doctorate of Musical Arts, Sacred Music, Medieval Studies, Psychology, and Creative Writing. 

Six doctoral candidates received dissertation fellowships for AY 2015/16: Monica Bykowski (History), Erin Kraus (History), Michael Hahn (Theology), Andrew Klein (English), Kathrin Kranz (Peace Studies), and Linlin Liu (Economics). 

Ten students, including three Master’s candidates, received grants to pursue original research projects in Europe during breaks in the academic year. Over triple this number (34) received grants for professional development, e.g. for presenting their work at international scholarly conferences. Two doctoral students received funding for advanced training in modern European languages.

Thirteen graduate students were awarded travel and research grants to pursue original research projects in Europe during the summer months. Destination cities included Belfast, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Kent, Edinburgh, Madrid, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Copenhagen, Milan, Pisa, Bologna, Rome, Florence, Venice, Helsinki, Berlin, Munich, Dresden, and St. Petersburg.

Linlin Liu
Linlin Liu (Economics)

Kathrin Kranz
Kathrin Kranz (Peace Studies)


Monica Bykowski
Monica Bykowski (History)

Erin Kraus
Erin Kraus (History)

Michael Hahn
Michael Hahn (Theology)

Andrew Klein
Andrew Klein (English)