New Year brings a new baby for Visiting Scholar at the Nanovic

Author: Jennifer Lechtanski

Tullio Pala was born at 12:04am at Memorial Hospital early Friday morning.

“When the labor began, they told us it’s gonna last one hour, it’s going to be quick. It wasn’t quick at all,” said Tullio’s father Mauro Pala.

Mario’s wife Chiara Pala was in labor for much longer and ended up delivering in the new year.

“The baby was due January 7,” said Mauro. “At midnight, well, this came out!”

Tullio is Mauro and Chiara’s first child.

Mauro is a visiting professor at Notre Dame from Italy.

“When I knew about teaching at Notre Dame, she was already pregnant,” said Mauro.

Memorial Hospital is very proud to have delivered the first baby of 2010.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a competition [among hospitals], but it’s kind of bragging rights to get the first baby born of the year,” said nurse Andrea Portwood.

The Pala family is now celebrating the birth of Tullio around the world.

“I just called my mother [in Italy], and she started to cry, she was moved. You know Italian families are big families so we called relatives who were betting on the name,” Mauro said.

He is still getting used to the name Papa.

“It’s fantastic, it’s something I haven’t realized yet, I’ll admit it takes time. I got so many expectations, but when it really happens you’re overwhelmed. You don’t know how your life is going to change, but you’re sure it’s going to change for the better and it’s healthy, it’s the kind of baby you always dream of,” said Mauro.