EU Insight: The EU and Gender Equality: Advancing Women’s Full Potential

Author: Jennifer Lechtanski

A Message from Ambassador John Bruton
Head of Delegation
European Commission Delegation to the United States

Equality between women and men is a prerequisite for effective democracy and lasting economic prosperity. Since its very beginning, the European Union has strongly supported gender equality: more than 50 years ago, the Treaty of Rome included a provision on equal pay for equal work. Today, the EU continues to tackle pay disparities, fosters female leadership, promotes a healthy work-life balance, and works to end violence against women and girls.

As we deal with global challenges like climate change, conflict resolution, and the economic crisis, the empowerment and active participation of women is critical. When women play a role in decision-making, they bring to the table different experiences and ideas, and society as a whole benefits from the results.

If women are not empowered to play their part, we all lose out. I invite you to learn more about the EU’s commitment to gender equality in the current issue of EU Insight.