2019 Nanovic senior awards

Author: NI

Jennifer Yi and Christian Brunner-Lopez
Jennifer Yi received the Nanovic Institute Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in European Studies while Christian Brunner-Lopez was awarded the 2019 J. Robert Wegs Prize for the Best Minor in European Studies Capstone Essay.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019

Catherine Mary Barr
Engineering, College of Engineering
“Ireland’s Historic, Economic, and Cultural Relationship to Farmhouse Cheese Making”
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Whelan (Academic Director, Dublin Global Gateway)

Christian Brunner-Lopez
Finance, Mendoza College of Business
“The Rise of Populism in Europe - Impacts on the European Project and the Future Economy”
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Gould (Political Science)

Kara Copeland
English, College of Arts and Letters
“Neverwhere: Remembering the Material History of London”
Faculty Advisor: Ian Newman (English)

Kelsey DeGagne
Political Science, College of Arts and Letters
“Cod in the Act: Regulating Sustainable Fisheries Worldwide”
Faculty Advisor: Susan Pratt-Rosato (Political Science)

Laura Migliore
Film, Television, and Theatre, College of Arts and Letters
“Perspectives on Preservation: The Challenges and Necessity of Preserving European Art Cinema”
Faculty Advisor: Olivier Morel (Film, Television, and Theatre)

Xiaoyu (Laura) Qi
International Economics with French, College of Arts and Letters
“Exploring Motifs in Street Art: Responding to the Gilets Jaunes Movement”
Faculty Advisor: Sonja Stojanovic (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Jennifer Yi
Political Science, College of Arts and Letters
“Free Speech or Hate Speech? A Comparative Legal Analysis of Far-Right Rhetoric
in Germany, France, and the Netherlands”
Faculty Advisor: Eileen Hunt Botting (Political Science)



2019 Minor in European Studies Graduation Breakfast