2019 Nanovic senior awards

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Minors in European Studies 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019

Catherine Mary Barr
Engineering, College of Engineering
“Ireland’s Historic, Economic, and Cultural Relationship to Farmhouse Cheese Making”
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Whelan (Academic Director, Dublin Global Gateway)

Christian Brunner-Lopez
Finance, Mendoza College of Business
“The Rise of Populism in Europe - Impacts on the European Project and the Future Economy”
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Gould (Political Science)

Kara Copeland
English, College of Arts and Letters
“Neverwhere: Remembering the Material History of London”
Faculty Advisor: Ian Newman (English)

Kelsey DeGagne
Political Science, College of Arts and Letters
“Cod in the Act: Regulating Sustainable Fisheries Worldwide”
Faculty Advisor: Susan Pratt-Rosato (Political Science)

Laura Migliore
Film, Television, and Theatre, College of Arts and Letters
“Perspectives on Preservation: The Challenges and Necessity of Preserving European Art Cinema”
Faculty Advisor: Olivier Morel (Film, Television, and Theatre)

Xiaoyu (Laura) Qi
International Economics with French, College of Arts and Letters
“Exploring Motifs in Street Art: Responding to the Gilets Jaunes Movement”
Faculty Advisor: Sonja Stojanovic (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Jennifer Yi
Political Science, College of Arts and Letters
“Free Speech or Hate Speech? A Comparative Legal Analysis of Far-Right Rhetoric
in Germany, France, and the Netherlands”
Faculty Advisor: Eileen Hunt Botting (Political Science)


Jennifer Yi and Christian Brunner-Lopez
Jennifer Yi received the Nanovic Institute Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in European Studies while Christian Brunner-Lopez was awarded the 2019 J. Robert Wegs Prize for the Best Minor in European Studies Capstone Essay.


2019 Minor in European Studies Graduation Breakfast