Nanovision in October

Author: Caitlin O'Connor

A brief survey.

Patterns of Integration Greece needs another 31b from the EFSF. The Eurogroup will confer about this next Wednesday. Prospects for growth around Europe are hard to see when, to take just one example, Ford Europe cuts 5,700 jobs in UK and Belgium.

Social & Political Geographies The Flemish Independence Party (NVA) has made significant gains in local elections. We wonder about their resemblance to Catalan independents, whose talk of secession has made headlines recently in Spain.

The Movement of Peoples While the Grand Palais in Paris exhibits a visual history of Bohemes (gypsies), the current French Minister for the Interior denies telling Parisian police officers to show "zero tolerance" of Roma in his neighborhood. In Marseille, meanwhile, French citizens burn Roma camps to the ground.

Religion and Secularization A Synod for the New Evangelization has convened at the Vatican to discuss secularization in Europe and elsewhere.