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Notre Dame Chorale Prepares for Papal Audience

“Toi, toi, toi” is a superstitious invocation of opera singers, meant to encourage a winning performance before taking the stage. “We don’t say, ‘Break a leg,’” fifth-year senior and University of Notre Dame Chorale member Joshua Diaz explains. Diaz might be hearing that old stage charm at an extraordinary venue...

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The Royal Wedding

Over a billion people world-wide are expected to view the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on the 29th of April from 10am London Time (5 am EDT). This is the first royal wedding that will people will be able to view online on The Royal Channel with updates...

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Religious and secular tensions increase in France

A famous and controversial photograph was destroyed by French Catholic fundamentalists at an exhibit in Avignon on Palm Sunday. The attack on the artwork brings the debate on the role of religion, secularism, and politics in France. Read More at The Guardian…

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