Summer 2022 Student Research Project

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How to fight a war in the 21st century: The effectiveness of sanctions in Europe

In an effort to examine the broader implications of economic sanctions and responses to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the Nanovic Institute invites interested undergraduate and MGA students to participate in a research project over the 2022 summer session titled, “How to fight a war in the 21st century: The effectiveness of sanctions in Europe.” 

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February 2022, the United States and Europe enacted a number of sanctions against Russia with the goal of forcing them to abandon their unjust war. The goal of this project is primarily to examine the effectiveness of sanctions as a tool used to weaken states in violation of international law. Student researchers will focus on a specific theme, from the history of sanctions as a deterrent to conflict, the use of sanctions during the 2014 war in Crimea, the sanctions in response to the Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine in 2022, the weight that multilateral sanctions can carry and other relevant materials to draw conclusions about the future of sanctions as a tool in times of conflict and the war in Ukraine specifically. 

This is a paid research assistantship opportunity and as such we ask that you apply through the Nanovic Institute’s application portal. The ideal candidates will have good knowledge or an academic background in areas such as political science, economics, international relations, regional studies, or history. Student research will culminate in a written brief and visual presentation. Students will benefit from mentorship from Nanovic staff and an outside expert on economic sanctions. After each individual  report is written, students will work collaboratively to synthesize their individual findings into a comprehensive report. Following the completion of the comprehensive work, students will design a visual representation of their project based on their report. Students should submit a statement of interest detailing their interests in participating in this project, any research experience, and any relevant language fluency. 

Please submit your application here no later than Monday, April 18 at 11:59 p.m. 

Please contact Research Program Coordinator Bruna Celic ( or Student Programs Assistant Manager Anna Dolezal ( with any questions. 

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