Bridging the Atlantic Divide: A Policy Roundtable on China

Author: Gráinne McEvoy

Image for EU-China policy roundtable
"Man standing on path with flags of USA, European Union and China" by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

In late May, a group of diplomats from the European Union and select European countries met with former senior United States officials in Washington D.C. for a roundtable discussion on China in the transatlantic relationship. The event was funded by the Nanovic Institute for European Studies and organized by the American Foreign Policy Council. The gathering was designed to generate a conversation about how the U.S. and Europe can collaborate to address an increasingly powerful, aggressive, and authoritarian China. The roundtable participants shared their perspectives and analysis and ultimately concluded that on a range of China-related issues, there is increasingly more that unites than divides the U.S. and Europe. 

The Nanovic Institute has produced an event brief that provides a synopsis of the roundtable's main discussion points and conclusions.

View or Download the Event Brief