Travel and Research Grants

Nanovic Undergraduate Mary Lewis Winter 2019
Architecture major Mary Lewis ’20 studied the relationship between art
and architecture in European art museums

The Nanovic Institute supports independent student research in European studies which requires travel to Europe for archival and/or field research. Research grants are offered over fall, winter, spring, and summer break periods. First year students are eligible to apply for spring and summer break grants, while Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are encouraged to apply for any of these break periods. Research grant proposals should be well thought out and closely related to a student’s academic or professional interests with clear guidance and mentorship from a faculty advisor. 

You are encouraged to review our research priorities, however applications from all disciplines and foci are welcome. If you have questions about designing a research project, please review our grant writing help section or contact Student Programs Assistant Manager Anna Dolezal (

New Fall 2020: Research Resources Grant

The Institute remains committed to the undergraduate research experience, even while international travel is currently restricted due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and seeks to offer new avenues by which students can engage in European studies in a meaningful way.

This year we are offering a Research Resources Grant to supply students with the materials needed to complete research “in” Europe. This grant will cover 

  • Books that are unavailable in the Hesburgh Libraries or with justification are needed physically.
  • Access to video, stage, museum, or film collections;
  • Journal articles related to an appropriate research topic;
  • Certain translation needs (contact Anna Dolezal for details);
  • Digital access fees for archives and collections or otherwise restricted materials;
  • Other resources or needs connected to European studies with justification.

In your application, we ask that you be as specific as possible as to how a particular resource will advance your research goals. If you have questions about what this grant will or will not cover, please contact Anna Dolezal, Student Programs Assistant Manager at ( 

Amount: This grant will cover up to $300.00 in research materials and will be paid out as a reimbursement once all receipts have been received. Note: Items purchased prior to the date of the award letter (not the date of your application!) are not eligible for reimbursement.

This grant is open to all students, including first-year students. Students will only be eligible for one grant per semester.

Applications to the Research Resources Grant will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the semester. As a general rule, the Institute will communicate decisions within two weeks of submission.  The application will be open starting August 10th until March 23, 2021. 

Additional Resources

The Institute has compiled a handful of research directories, drawing on the expertise of our faculty fellows and librarians, to provide you with information on where to start your online research. These directories are organized by region and contain information about archives and collections that are accessible online. Students can apply here.

Deadline: Tuesday, March 23, 2021