Before 2006


The Katie Murphy McMahon Grant for Russian and East-Central European Studies

Kristine Nugent (Ukraine), “The Reemergence of the Catholic Church in Post-Soviet Ukraine.”

Undergraduate Research and Travel Grants

Samantha Alarie-Leca (France), “The Evolving Perceptions and the Role of Women in Moderm French Politics.”

Mary (Molly) Hayes (England) “Tensions Caused by the British Museum’s Egyptian Artifacts.”

Catherine Kent (The Netherlands) “A Study of Muslim Integration in the Netherlands.”

Conor McEvily (England) “Strains of Catholicism in Post-WWI Poetry and Painting of David Jones.”

Jessica Morton (England) “Research on the Poet James Thompson.”

Andrew Sullivan (England) “Alfred Milner and the Making of the Boer War.”

Stacey Vanderhurst (Ireland) Winner of the R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant for Best Proposal for “Ethnic and Social Divisions Among Asylum Seekers in Ireland.”

Additional Support for Undergraduate Research

Patrick Riveron received a grant to support research on society’s changing relationship with fashion over the past two years that included conducting interviews, and attending the fashion show “Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture” at the Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy. He also received a grant to support “An evening of European fashion.” Défilé//Sfilata will showcase the history and future of French and Italian fashion, which was co-produced by Le Cercle Français and Club Italiano.

Brad Tucker received a grant to travel to the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany where, for two months, he worked for Dr. Wolfgang Brandner, an astrophysicist specializing in adaptive optics and stellar astrophysics, on the SPITZER spaced based telescope.

Support for Undergraduate Language Study

Michael Bednarczyk (Arts & Letters), to study Polish at the Catholic University of Lublin

Grant Van Eaton (Arts & Letters), to study advanced German

Jessica Winschel (Arts & Letters) to study advanced German, at the Goethe Institute, Germany

Summer 2006 Internship Support

Michael Barrett (Paris) with ND Alum Peter Herrly

Amy Klenk (Frankfurt) State of Virginia European Export and Trade Office (via Steuben-Schurz-Gesellschaft)

Daniel Martin (Brussels) MEP

Andrea Nolet (Brussels) MEP

Christopher Pollock (Switzerland) Caritas Vaud

Steve Zakas (Wiesbaden) “Citizens Issues” unit of the Hessen State Chancellory (via Steuben-Schurz-Gesellschaft)


The R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant for Best Proposal

Sara J. Urben (Spain), “Spanish Women and Their Evolving Role in France’s Falange Party.”

Undergraduate Grant Recipients

James J. Bettcher (Poland) Polish Language Study at Jagiellonian University, Krakow."

Patrick M. Corrigan (Ireland) “The Role of Imagination in Northern Ireland’s Culture of Violence.”

Michelle M. Garvey (Italy) “Ambiguous Neutrality: The Roman Catholic Church and the Italian Invasion of Ethiopia.”

Brittny R. Heinrich (Scotland) “The International Arts on an Intimate Level (documentary).”

Katherine A. Peterson (France) “The French Salon: A Cross-Country Analysis of an Enlightenment Institution.”

Lisa A. Reijula (Finland & Estonia) “Creating Common Ground: The Struggle for Tolerance and Inclusion of Minority Speakers in Finland and Estonia.”

Tekla T. Sauter (France) “Crime in Paris During the Belle Époque: Representation and Reality.”

Patrick J. Seul (Ukraine), East-Central Europe and Russia Grant “Analysis of the Changing Face of Ukrainian Democracy.”

Summer Internship Support

Jack Calcutt (Brussels), to intern at the Honeywell Office of Government Relations for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Drew Cramer (Brussels), to intern for European Parliament vice president Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott.

Leslie Kealhofer (Paris), to intern for Mr. Peter Herrley, ND ’68, for a conference on international defense issues at Science Po.

Danny Kettinger (Brussels and Strassbourg), to intern for European Parliament member Dr. Charles Tannock, in Brussels and Strassbourg.

Eric Kimbuende (Brussels), intern with the World Health Organization working on AIDS policy in sub-saharan Africa.

Additional Undergraduate Support

Jeffrey Church, to study German at the Goethe Institute in Germany.

Bryce Cooper, to do research in Washington, DC.

Molly Donelan, to complete a research project called “French Identity and the Hijab.”

Gregory Dwjoruan, to do research in Ukraine.

Joe Guintu, to do research in Spain.

Susan Kippels and Patrick Riveron, to establish a school to teach local entrepreneurs essential business skills necessary to bring their products to market. Romania Project, Student International Business Council (SIBC).

Vince Lyzinski and Eric Staron, to study language in Budapest.

Joe Nickol, President, American Institute of Architecture Students, Notre Dame Chapter, received a grant to host Mr. Thomas Beeby, Director of Design, Hammond, Beeby, Rupert, and Ainge, during the Midwest Quad Conference at Notre Dame from Feb 25-27.

Angela Piccione, to complete a research project called “Terrorism is not American.”


Undergraduate Grant Recipients

Stephanie Aberger (Poland), “How Polish Society Survived the War: Examining the Nazi Occupation of Poland During the General Government”

Bridget Brennan (France), “Muslim French Women: Voices Unveiled”

Paul Cruickshank (Britain), “The Mandate for Health and the Dilemma of Professionalism: Britain and the Development of Tropical Medicine 1895-1914”

Maureen Hattrup and Hannah Gornik (Ireland), “Catholicism Versus Intellectualism in the Creation of the Irish University”

Elizabeth Melly (Britain), “The Visuals of Verse: The Influence of Ut Pictura Poesis and the Classical Tradition on Shakespeare”

Scott Schaeffer (Britain), “European Union Membership and its Effects: The Europeanization of Britain”

Additional Undergraduate Support

Joe Guintu received funds for a research trip to Spain

Sarah MacMillen (Bosnia) International Forum Bosnia’s Summer School on Religion in Public Life

Pablo Manriquez received funds to attend the Bonn International Model United Nations Conference in Bonn, Germany

Eric Staron and Vince Lyzinski received funds to take an intensive language/culture course in Budapest

Summer Internship Support

Meryl D. Guyer

Elizabeth M. Murphy (Brussels), five weeks working for Wunderman, a small advertising agency that specializes in direct marketing

Katherine M. Stewart (Brussels), six weeks working for Wunderman, a small advertising agency that specializes in direct marketing


Undergraduate Grant Recipients

Anne Hamilton (Germany), “Challenges to Rationalism in 19th Century German Ethics”

Stephanie Horton (Germany), “Leading with the Law: Preemptive Legislation and the Death Penalty in Germany”

Daniel Murphy (Ireland), “Northern Ireland Politics: Voter Preference and Party Ideology”

Brianne Todd (Russia), “The Rule of Law for Russia, one Step at a Time: Community Policing in Moscow and Chicago”


Undergraduate Grant Recipients

Patrick F. Dunnigan (France), “The French France fort policy”

Jennifer Guintu (Spain), “The causes and consequences of Third World migration to Spain”

Angela Zawada (Germany), “What role did women play in the popular music industry of the German Democratic Republic?”