The R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant for Best Grant Proposal

Curran Cross (France), “What is Whiteness?: Race in 19th Century France”

The Snider Family Endowment for Excellence in European Studies

Victoria Ryan (Greece), “Azoria Project”

The Katie Murphy McMahon Grant for Russian and East-Central European Studies

Mary Prokop (Chicago, USA), “Newberry Internship”
Peter Stankiewicz (Poland), “Polish Language Acquisition”

The Dr. Charles C. Price Memorial Fund for East-Central European Studies

Alexandra Genord (Belgium), “US Mission to the European Union Internship”

Dublin Internship

James Kelly (Ireland), “Nanovic Dublin Internship”
Peter McGinley (Ireland), “Nanovic Dublin Internship”

Internship and Service Grants

Christina Gutierrez (Italy), “How biodynamic and environmentally-responsible farmers in the Piemonte region of Italy remain economically profitable and environmentally sustainable”
McKenzie Hightower (France), “Experiential Learning at the Cannes Film Festival”
Elizabeth Holzenthal (Netherlands), “Computational Modeling of Coastal Hydraulics”
Elizabeth Leader (Czech Republic), “Aspen Institute Prahue Internship”
Kelly Marous (France), “From State to Screen: The Cannes Film Festival”
Joy Tau (England), “Summer Research Internship in London”
Scott Varian (France), “ARCAS Paris”
Sarah Spittler (Italy), “Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace” (internship)*
*Funding provided by the R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant

LeMans Summer Service Opportunity

Mary Broadbent (France), “Summer Service Opportunity in LeMans, France”

Herrly Internship in Paris

Kaitlyn Krall, (France), “Herrly Internship”

Sciolino Internship

Nuohan (Naurin) Zhang, (France), “Sciolino Internship”

US War Memorials Internship Grant

Peter Noell (France), “US War Memorials Internship”

Saint Mary’s College Summer Travel and Research Grant

Kelly Konya (Ireland), “Seamus Heaney: A True Cosmopolitan Lad”

Academic Break Travel and Research

Abigail Bartels (Denmark), “Absolute Church Corrupts Absolutely?”
Genevieve Bellon (France), “Victor Hugos Notre-Dame: the Modern Churchs Para” 
Patrick Boduch (Ireland), “An Economic View of Irish Migration”
Sean Cotter (France), “Dress and Gender in Revolutionary France”
Liana Cramer (France), “Barriers to the Assimilation of French-Algerians”
Prinz Jeremy Dela Cruz (France), “French Carmelite Spirituality”
Charles Ducey (Germany), “Goethe’s Historical Roots in Klassik Stiftung Weimer”
Claire Donovan (France), “The French and the Other as Exemplified by Sarah”
Steven Fisher (Netherlands), “European Politics and the Karadzic ICTY Trial”
Cailean Geary (England), “Colonial Education During British Imperialism”
Molly Geraghty (France), “The Paris Opera: An Interactive Experience”
Madelynn Green (Spain), “An Ethnography of Graffiti in Barcelona”
Mary Hahm (France), “Portrayal of Immigrant Women in Paris by Media”
Connor Hayes (Ireland), “Homophobia in Early Irish Nationalism”
Victoria Kasznica (France), “Lettres d’une Péruvienne”
Matthew Kibler (France), “The Phenomenological Perspectives of Impressionist”
Ethan Lott (Scotland), “The History and Lasting Influence of Cullen Auld K”
Macy Mulhall (Iceland), “Energy: Reproducibility of Sustainability”
Christopher Newton (Russia), “Variation in European Disarmament Think Tanks”
Ralph Price (England), “Variation in European Disarmament Think Tanks”
Theresa Rinaldo (Hungary), “Variation in European Disarmament Think Tanks”
Sheridan Rosner (France), “Camus: A Journalist’s Response to Injustice”
Christina Serena (Poland), “A Study of Pope JPII’s Impact on Poland”
Linda Terron Bobadilla (France), “Publishing World Literature in French”

First Year Studies Spring Break Travel and Research Grants

Peter Fink (Spain), “The Road to the Rio Turia”
Benjamin Fouch (Spain), “The Road to the Rio Turia”
Khaoula Morchid (Germany), “Immigrants’ contribution to Europe’s Economy”
Erin Thomassen (France), “Controversial Catholicism: Notre-Dame de Paris”
Rachel Thompson (France), “Suite Francaise Proposal”

Senior Travel and Research (Academic Breaks)

Gable Brady (England), “British Opinions Towards the Special Relationship”
Catherine Braunlich (Ukraine), “Religion in the Lives of Ukrainian Catholics” 
James Bulger (England; Ireland), “Spring Break 2014 British Isles Research Trip”
Andrew Califano (Italy), “Mapping the Porticoes of Ancient & Medieval Rome”
Matthew Cook (Italy), “Nature and the Manmade”
Nicole Creehan (Germany), “Research for St. Raphael’s Cathedral in Madison, WI”
Jennifer Gallic (Switzerland), “Assisted Suicide in Switzerland”
Christine Gorman (Slovenia), “The Role of Slovenia in the EU”
Nathaniel Gotcher (England), “In Pursuit of the Arts and Crafts”
Thomas Graff (Scotland), “Wittgenstein: Language & the Philosophy of Belief”
Thomas Graff (France), “Hail the Cross: Basil Moreau & French Spirituality”
Courtney Haddick (Italy), “Rome in the Eyes of Giuseppe Valadier”
Courtney Haddick (Switzerland), “Mountain Towns of the Swiss Alps”
Colleen Haller (England), “The role of women in London during World War II”
Samantha Heggum (Romania), “Trip to Romania”
Melissa Medina (Italy), “Architecture Travel Research Grant” 
Elizabeth Owers (Switzerland), “Crisis Pregnancy Resources at a Swiss University”
Annie Rhodes (France), “Comparative Textual analysis of ‘La Mere Michel’”
Renee Roden (France), “The French School of Spirituality” 
Shannon Sullivan (Russia), “Public Wayfinding Systems in Murom and Moscow”
Meghan Thomassen (England), “Philosophy and Literature Capstone”
Connor Toohill (Italy), “Spiritual Discernment and the European Church”
Thomas Wintering (Italy), “Muslim Catholic Dialogue at the Vatican”
Alexander Yaney (Italy), “Italian Healthcare: Benefits and Drawbacks”

Summer Travel and Research Grant

Thomas Boyle (Spain), “La Reconquista and Andalusian Architecture”
Amalia Carmona (Italy), “Revitalization of Palermo”
Shannon Kenny (Ireland), “Dunluce Castle”
Anna McNamara (Spain), “El Camino de Santiago”
Melyssa Moors (Ireland), “Depictions of Western Irish Folk Belief”
Alexis Pala (Austria), “Intellectual Disability: A Look at Spain and Chile”
Molly Seidel (Ireland), “Agricultural Adaptions on the Irish Coast”
Anne Seul (France), “The Evolution of the Philosophe”
Natalie Stenger (Italy), “Palermo Summer Studio”
Camilla Tassi (Italy), “G. Carissimi Italian Music Transcription”
Anne Wildenhain (Ireland), “Nanovic Summer Travel and Research Grant”

Nanovic Funding

Paul Luczak (England), “British Conference of Undergraduate Research”

Advanced Language Training

Molly Porter (Middlebury, Connecticut, U.S.)

Pessoa Grant for Advanced Portuguese Training

Breanna Thomas (Portugal)

Language Training with Summer Language Abroad (Center for Languages and Cultures)

Craig Chval (Russia)
Margaret Cross (Russia)
Bryce de Venecia (Spain)
Ejebmia Dema (France)
Michael Druskovich (Russia)
Ann Gallagher (Italy)
Roman Gusdorf (Russia)
Ashley Henry (Germany)
Leah Jacob (Germany)
Maria McMullen (Italy)
Miranda McQueen (France)
Alexa Monn (Germany)
Joshua O’Brien (Russia)
Jihyun Park (France)
Mollye Shacklette (Italy)
Monika Spalinski (Spain)
Erin Thomassen (France) 
Katherine Woodrum (France)