The R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant

Thomas Graff (England), “Newman and Wittgenstein:  Reflections on Certitude”

Nicholas Schilling (Italy), “Internship with the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See”


The Snider Family Endowment for Excellence in European Studies

Matthew Cronin (Italy; Albania), “Butrint Documentary” (Initiative)

Shannon Kenny (Ireland), CLIC Summer Program in Galway

Mary Kunesh (France), French Summer Language Study in Toulouse


The Katie Murphy McMahon Grant for Russian and East-Central European Studies

Jacqueline Ruiz (Russia), “Alexander Pushkin Grant for Advanced Language Training in Russian”

Timothy Siegler (Germany), “Investigation of PbS Quantum Dot Solar Cells” (Internship)


The Dr. Charles C. Price Memorial Fund for East-Central European Studies

Caitlin Baransky (Austria/Slovenia), “the Transformation of Architectural Classicism”


Saint Mary’s College Summer Travel and Research Grant

Bethany Tabor (England), “Dancing Off-Stage:  Dance's Movement from Performing Arts to Performance Art”


Herrly Internship in Paris

Natalie Boll (France), An internship with retired U.S. Army Colonel Peter Herrly


U.S. War Memorial Internship Grant

John Pearl (France)


The Palladio Prize for Best Internship Proposal in Architecture

Michelle Russoniello (France), “Arcas Architectural Internship in Paris, France”


Dublin Internships

Brennan Fitzgerald (Ireland), Center for Social Concerns Dublin Internship

Brendan Bell (Ireland), Internship in Dublin

Elizabeth Millea (Ireland) Center for Social Concerns Dublin Internship

David Murphy  (Ireland), Internship in Dublin

Internship & Service Grant

Blake Avery (France), “Cannes 2013 Film Program”

Sarah Connors (France), “Cannes 2013 Film Program”

Ellen Dahlby (Romania), “A Continuation of Service to Romanian Orphans”

Patrick Fasano (Armenia), “Cosmic Ray Division Internship”

Leo Hall (Germany), Charite Hospital Berlin Internship

Katherine Hoyer (France), “Cannes Film Festival Internship”

Elise Murray (England), “Research Assistantship at New College, Oxford”

James Schappler (England), “Research Intern, Global Policy Institute, London”

Nicole Sganga (England), “CBS London Bureau Internship”

Sylvia Yong (France), “Research of B. pertussis CyaA toxin in France” (Internship)


Academic Break Travel and Research

Samuel Bellafiore (France), “Text and Chant at the Abbaye de Saint-Pierre de Solesmes”

Matthew Caponigro (Spain), “Resurrecting an Identity:  The Effect of Globalization on the Performance of Traditional Folk Music in Galicia”

Prinz Jeremy Dela Cruz (France), “The History of the French School of Spirituality”

Madelynn Green (England), “Political Graffiti in London”

Meredith Holland (France), “Twentieth Century Catholic Novel:  Francois Mauriac”

Kathleen King (Italy), “Assisi:  Integrating History and Modern Engineering”

Deanna Kolberg (Scotland), “A Dragon on the Moor”

Paul Luczak (Finland), “Elevating the Teaching Profession:  Helsinki, Finland”

Jennifer Markowski (Italy/Germany), “The Spectrum of Special Education in Europe”

Isla McKerrow (Ireland), “The Effect of the Easter Rising 1916 on Irish Public Opinion”

Kara McSweeney (Ireland), “Educating Ireland”

Sarah Murphy (France), “Occupied Thoughts”

Carolyn Perez (France), “The role of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Parisia”

Jennifer Perugini (Italy), “Una città senza sanità?:  Why an emigration trend in Venice may be causally linked to the Migration of Ventian Health Care”

Dominic Romeo (England), “Break Research Grant”

Anne Seul (France), “Vilified Heroes or True Reprobates”

Natalie Shovlin-Bankole (France), “Analysis of Belle, the Devils French Handmaiden”

Charles Skinner (Italy), “The History of the Devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows”

Barbara Tyznik (Ireland), “Exploring Irish Public Reaction to Gallipoli”


First Year Studies Spring Break Travel and Research Grants

Ellen Dahlby (Romania), “Understanding the Culture and Challneges of Romani” (Service)

Steven Fisher (Switzerland), “FYS Break Travel and Research Grant, Geneva”

Kenzell Huggins (England), “English Literary Tourism”

Clare Welch (France), “Becoming French:  A Study in Parisian Opinion”


Senior Travel and Research (Academic Breaks)

Joseph Ahmad (France), “Research on N.S. Bergier”

Bruno Anaya Ortiz (France), “The Historical Foundations of Ferroukhi's "Free Men"”

Kathleen Bracke (Ireland), “An t-Oileán:  Senior Thesis Film Project”

Ellen Brandenberger (England), “Understanding National Articulations of Cultural Identity in Wales between 1880 and 1914”

Matthew Cook (Italy), “Restoring Tradition and Viniculture in Vernazza”

Katherine Damo (Italy), “Business Culture in Italy”

Kalyn Fetta (Italy), “Poverty Alleviation in Italy”

Audrey Hayes (Finland), “Sibelius’ Finnish Landscape”

Tara Lucian (France), “Tunisian Immigration in France”

Andrew Lynch (England), “The Confessionalization of Martyrdom in England after Catholic Emancipation”

Andrew McDonough (Germany), “The Current Recession and EU Public Opinion”

Kelly McRaven (Spain), “Counter-terrorism Policy in Spain after the 2004 Bombings” (Fall)

Kelly McRaven (France), “French Counterterroism Strategy: The Puruse Policy” (Winter)

Alison Podlaski (France), “A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Counterterrorism in Spain and the UK” (Fall)

Alison Podlaski (France), “Counterterrorism and Muslims in France” (Winter)

Catherine Reidy (Croatia), “Political Socialization and Reconciliation: Croatia”

Clara Ritger (England), “The Past and Future of News in the U.K.”

Catherine Underwood (England), “Anne Howard and the Survival of Catholicism in England”

Allison Whitlock (England), “Medieval Rural Settlement Study at Willingham, Cambridgeshire” (Fall)

Alison Whitlock (France), “Lessons in Power at Versailles” (Spring)

Amanda Williams (England), “Lewis Carroll’s “Alice” and the Royal Ballet”

Michelle Yanik (England/Austria), “Cross-Cultural Study of NPC in UK and the US”

Patrice Zigrossi (France), “Understanding Arab-Jew Relations during WWII”


Summer Travel and Research Grant

Margaret Barrett (France), “The Architectural Heritage of Notre Dame”

Sara Bega (Italy), “Architecture of Place”

Kathleen Brennan  (Ireland), “Effects of the Troubles on Belfast's Youth”

Evan Doney (Scotland), “3D Printing of Multimodal PET and CT Phantoms”

Hayley Evans (Ireland), “Human Trafficking in Ireland”

Brenna Gautam (Kosovo), “Bridging Histories in Kosovo: The First Balkan War”

Leila Green (England), “Youth Mentoring: Black and At-Risk in London”

Mark Stechschulte (Sweden; England), “The Internet Nation”


Initiative Grants

Mary Prokop (Italy/US), “Sir John Harington and the Renaissance Imagination”

Rebecca Sullivan (Ontario, Canada), Attend the conference “Crossing Boundaries: Commedia Dell’ Arte Across Gender, Genre, and Geography”


Language Training with Summer Language Abroad (Center for Languages and Cultures)

Victoria Kasznica (France)

James Li (France)

David Lowe (Spain)

Benton Lowerison (France)

Gabriel Orlet (France)

Emma Partridge (Italy)

Carolina Ramirez (Russia)

Tyler Richards (Russia)

Sheridan Rosner (Russia)

Ningzhou Shen (France)

Yiren Shen (France)

Kelsey Sullivan (Germany)

Nuohan Zhang (France)