The R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant

Philip Lettieri (Ireland), “Epidemiological Archaeology in Ireland and Its Implications for Public Health Solutions Abroad” (Barrett Award for Best Undergraduate Travel & Research Grant Proposal)
Alexis Pala (Spain), volunteer work with the Best Buddies Foundation and the Foundation for Down Syndrome of Madrid
Caitlin Glimco (Italy), presentation at the inaugural Border Crossing Seminar at the University of Milan

The Snider Family Endowment for Excellence in European Studies

Alexandra Soisson (Finland), “Why They Finnish First: Teacher Preparation Programs in Finland”

The Dr. Charles C. Price Memorial Fund for East-Central European Studies

Kathryn Squiers (Spain), pediatric oncology internship at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital
Morgan Iddings (Bulgaria), “Spending for Status: Conspicuous Consumption and Gift Exchange in Bulgaria”

The Katie Murphy McMahon Grant for Russian & East-Central European Studies

Qiancheng Lu (Turkey), “A Blend of Western and Eastern Arts Through Monuments of Istanbul”
Suzanna Pratt (Albania), “Effects of UNESCO Heritage Management on Local Communities in Butrint, Albania”
Kelly McRaven (England), “British National Security Policy and the London 2012 Olympics”
Dale Parker (Ukraine), volunteer teaching at the Ukranian Catholic University English Summer School

European Parliament Internship Grant

Under review in Brussels

Herrly Internship in Paris Grant

Priscilla Nyankson (France), internship with Col. Peter Herrly

Alexander Pushkin Grant for Advanced Language Training in Russian

Benjamin Eichler (Russia), advanced language training through the School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) at Irkutsk State Linguistic University

Undergraduate Travel & Research Grants

Evan Doney (England), “New Multimodal Tumor Imaging in the Institute for Cancer Research in London”
Lindsay Dun (Italy), “Modern Feminist Political Theory in Italy: A Paradox”
Audrey Hayes (England), “European Philosophical Aesthetics, ‘Authenticity,’ and the Violin Repertory”
Edward Jacobson (England), “Scotland and Sir Walter Scott in the Bel Canto Tradition”
Sandra Laguerta (France), “The Marian Dimensions of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Rome”
Dorothy Nguyen (France), “The 19th Century Modernization of Paris on Architecture and Urban Planning”
Monica O’Hearn (France), “The Paris Massacre of ’61 Remembered: Perspectives from the Children”
Samantha Osborn (Italy), “Editing and Performing Unpublished Manuscripts of Alessandro Scarlatti’s Cantatas in Rome”
Meghan Salomon (Netherlands), “Verbs, Problem Solving, and On-Line Comprehension: Data Analysis with Researchers at Erasmus University, Rotterdam”
Anna Sundbo (England), “Jane Austen and Eighteenth-Century English Medicine”

Summer Language Abroad Grants

Kimberly Smith (Germany), advanced language training at the Goethe Institute of Berlin
The Nanovic Institute also funded the advanced European language study of 12 students in conjunction with the CSLC.

Break Travel and Research Grants

The Nanovic Institute supported the interim research of 25 seniors and 15 Sophomores and Juniors in Austria (1), England (2), Switzerland (2), France (13), Germany (2), Greece (1), Hungary (1), Ireland (7), Italy (6), Poland (2), Spain (2), and Turkey (1).

The Nanovic Institute Prize for Architecture

Diana Yu (England), internship at ADAM Architecture

European Internship & Service Grants

Christian Aguilera (England), internship for the NBC Olympics
Catherine Braunlich (Romania), volunteer work for United Planet
Benjamin Foster (Belgium), internship at the Scientia Terrae Research Institute
Veronica Galvez (France), internship at Arcas Europe, Paris
Joseph Haskins (France), internship at the Cannes Film Festival
Ha Min Joo (France), internship at Arcas Europe, Paris
Claire Martell (France), internship at Arcas Europe, Paris
Young Moon (Germany), research internship at the Helmholtz Zentrum München
Nicholas Schilling (Switzerland), internship with the Holy See Mission to the United Nations
Christina Shannon (France), internship at Arcas Europe, Paris
Claire Stephens (France), internship at the Cannes Film Festival

Undergraduate Initiative Grants

The Nanovic Institute awarded Initiative Grants to 16 undergraduates in England (1), France (2), Italy (2), Belgium (1), Spain (1), Switzerland (6), and the United States (3).