The R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant for Best Undergraduate Travel & Research Proposal

Mark Kettler (Germany), “German National Defense Politics and Catholics in the Second Reich”

The R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant

Stephen Barany (France), volunteer work with the Catholic Community of the Beatitudes
Kathryn Gerbich (Ireland), internship with the Applied Physics Research Group, Trinity College Dublin
Nathaly Hewawasam (France), advanced language study in Avignon (cost-shared with the CSLC)
Hugo Lozano (Germany), internship with CDS International

The Snider Family Endowment for Excellence in European Studies

Gina Paietta (Italy, Greece), “Neoclassical Architecture in Greece and Rome”

The Dr. Charles C. Price Memorial Fund for East-Central European Studies

Rebecca Lischwe (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania), “Architecture of Revolution”

The Katie Murphy McMahon Grant for Russian & East-Central European Studies

Leah Coming (Russia), advanced language training at the Russian Pedagogical University (Gertsen Institute) (cost-shared with the CSLC)
Christine Gorman (Slovenia), advanced language training in Ljubljana (cost-shared with the CSLC)
Agata Gorzela (Russia), advanced language training in Moscow (cost-shared with the CSLC)
Morgan Iddings (Bulgaria), “Changes in Consumption Practices in Post-Communist Bulgaria”

Undergraduate Travel & Research Grants

Elise Alonzi (Ireland), “The Medieval Foundation for 20th Century Irish Coastal Heritage”
Kathleen Bracke (Ireland), “A Contemporary Solution to the Decline of Gaelige”
Felicia Caponigri (Italy), “Hortense Mitchell Acton: From Fashion Collector to Art Collector”
Emma Kessler (France), “The Monument of the Heart of Henri II”
Philip Lettieri (Ireland), “Population Health and Disease Models”
Michael McHale (France, Italy), “The Universal Impact of Petrarch’s Regional Literature”
Meeghan Miller (Greece), “Neoclassical Greece”
Stephanie Mueth (Finland), “Finnish Perspectives on the Value of Education: Modern Education Philosophy”
Nancy Paul (France), “Move Over Superman!—Nuclear Physics Looks at Krypton”
Kathleen Puls (Italy), “An Urban Study of ‘Planned’ and ‘Unplanned’ Towns: Two Regions in Italy”
Katherine Remley (Italy), “Depicting Dogma: The Immaculate Conception in Italian Art”
William Stewart (Germany), “Literary Meaning in the Face of a Linguistic Vacuum”
Christine Tiffin (Germany), “Architecture and Urbanism in Post-War Germany”
Tessa White (Spain), “Catalonia and Catalan Elites during Franciso Franco’s Regime”

Pessoa Grant for Advanced Language in Portuguese

Ruby Azezquita (Portugal), advanced language training at the University of Lisbon

Alexander Pushkin Grant for Advanced Language Training in Russian

Paul Phelan (Russia), advanced language training at the Advanced Critical Language Institute at St. Petersburg State University

Summer Language Abroad Grants in conjunction with CSLC

The Nanovic Institute funded the advanced European language study of 15 students.

Senior Travel and Research Grants

Felicia Aguirre (England), “Crisis in the Arts: A Look at the Fate of Writing in the United Kingdom”
Michael Black (Italy), “What is a human being?”
Laura Bradley (Switzerland), “Paul Klee’s Polyphonic Works: Painting in Music”
Daniel Crupi (Austria), “Exploring Schubert and Romantic Music in Vienna, Austria”
Stephanie DePrez (Austria), “Exploring Schubert and Romantic Music in Vienna, Austria”
Rhiannon Duke (Ireland), “Marriage and Discrimination in the Irish-American Experience”
Jacques Dupuis (Poland, France, Spain), “Frédéric Chopin’s Journey to Majorca: Comparative and Contextual Analysis”
Bianca Fernandez (Ireland), “Effects of Immigration on Irish Islander Place-based Identity”
Sarah Grothaus (Czech Republic), “Exploring the New Bohemian Theatre in Post-Communist Prague”
Matthew Hovde (Ireland), “Effects of Rapid Secularization on the Religious Identity of Modern Europe”
Elizabeth Israel (Italy), “Franciscans in Rome: Then (1517) and Now (2011)”
Margaret Jumonville (Austria), “Exploring Schubert and Romantic Music in Vienna, Austria”
Jungyong Kim (Ireland), “The Irish Identity Through the Republic of Ireland and South Korea”
Douglas Lim (Italy), “Social and Economic Integration of the Chinese Community in Prato, Italy”
Brigid Mangano (France), “Guillaume Bodinier: A Study of the Relationship between Climate and Culture”
Kathryn Mullaney (Austria), “Exploring Schubert and Romantic Music in Vienna, Austria”
Jessica Shaffer (France), “The Link Between Travel and Education”
Jacqueline Thomas (Ireland), “Spatial Dimensions of Social Relations”
Tiffany Tibbot (France), “Paris: Defining Historical Couture”
Thomas Wiseman (Russia), senior thesis and Fulbright Grant application research
Emma Zainey (Italy), “The Future of Futurism”
Emma Zainey (Italy), “The Future of Futurism II”

European Internship & Service Grants

Nicholas Brandt (England), internship at the Rose Theatre
Carolyn Demanelis (England), internship at the Rose Theatre
Ian Duncan (Germany), internship with Malereibetrieb Wolfgang Borchardt
Whitley Esteban (France), internship with STYLES Architects
Melissa Guinan (Turkey), internship with the American Consulate General in Istanbul
William Hawes (Germany), internship sponsored by Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) program from the German Exchange Student Service (DAAD)
Ruoqing Huang (Italy), volunteer work with United Planet, a member of the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) Federation
Martha Karam (Greece), volunteer work with Caritas Hellas
Audrey Mitchell (France), internship at the Cannes Film Festival
Kristina Mosco (France), internship with Breitman & Breitman
Yichao Pan (Germany), internship at RWTH Aachen University on the project “Active Control of a Rijke Tube”
Evan Possley (France), internship with STYLES Architects
Nathalie Rosado (Bulgaria), internship with One Heart Bulgaria
Bisma Sarfaraz (England), internship with John Simpson & Partners
Allison Whitlock (France), internships with the field school in Châtequ Ganne and the Chantiers Histoire et Architecture Médievales, and volunteer work in Hautes Cévennes

Architecture Internship Grant

Joseph Yatco (Italy), internship with the firm of Luigi Del Sordo

European Parliament Internship Grant

Laura Wetterer (Belgium), internship in the office of Mario Mauro of the European Parliament (Barrett funding)

Herrly Internship in Paris Grant

Tara Lucian (France), internship with Col. Peter Herrly

Undergraduate Initiative Grants

Elliott Argue (Italy), presentation of senior thesis at the 44th Annual Universitas International Congress (UNIV)
Matthew Balkey (U.S.), “A Recreation of Historic Craft Processes in the Manufacture of Scagliola”
Alex Boll (Ireland), “The Future of the Irish Economy through the Lens of an Engineer”
Claire Brown (U.S.), presentation at the American Anthropological Association 2010 Conference Meeting
Colin Campbell (Ireland), ministering with the Teach Bhride community
Kyle Collins (France), filming and production of a documentary on Parisian street musicians
Matthew Cook (Spain, Portugal), “Architectural Study of the Iberian Peninsula”
Julianne Corroto (Spain), Camino de Santiago pilgrimage
Raquel Falk (Ireland), “Aristotelian Ethics in Action in the L’Arche Cork Community at Suaimhneas
Jennifer Fitzpatrick (Spain, Portugal), “Architectural Study of the Iberian Peninsula”
Mitch Gainer (Ireland), “Financial Crisis and the Central Bank of Ireland”
John Greany (Italy), “The Impact of Fascism on Italian Cultural Unification”
Morgan Iddings (Bulgaria), “Changes in Household Consumption Practices in Post-Communist Bulgaria”
Tiffanie Ing (Spain, Portugal), “Architectural Study of the Iberian Peninsula”
Katherine Klee (Ireland), volunteer work for the Church in Wexford and the House of Brigid
Amanda Koziel (England), Parliamentary internship with MP Sarah Teather, UK Minister of Children and Families
Lea Malewitz (Egypt), “Francophone Egypt: Language, Literature and Culture”
James Maslar (Spain), Camino de Santiago pilgrimage
Dan Masterton (Ireland), ministering with Teach Bhride, the House of Brigid
Gabriel McDonald (France), Vladimir Jankélévitch: Music, Philosophy and the Ineffable”
Kelly McRaven (France), “France’s Population: Policy or Culture?”
Katherine Mohrig (U.S.), attendance at the Harriman Institute’s panel discussion on transitional justice
Kristina Mosco (Spain, Portugal), “Architectural Study of the Iberian Peninsula”
Kathryn Petrik (Ireland), “A Comparative Analysis of Irish Liturgical and Folk Music”
Jason Pham (France), “The Legacy of Napoleon in Modern Paris”
Alison Podlaski (France), “Declining Birthrates in France: An Anthropological Investigation of Cause and Consequence”
Lauren Rasch (England, Italy), “The Fight for Women’s Rites”
Catherine Reidy (Italy), “Mammonis and the Theory of Emerging Adulthood in Modern Italy”
Nathalie Rosado (Austria), “British and Austrian Diplomacy in the Congress of Vienna”
Rebecca Sharbaugh (Spain), Camino de Santiago pilgrimage
Connor Skelly (Ireland), “The Future of the Irish Economy Through the Lens of Accountants”
Jessica Soberanes (Spain, Portugal), “Architectural Study of the Iberian Peninsula”
William Stewart (Ireland), “Irish Traditional Music: A Framework of Contradictions Hidden by the Continuity of their own Myth”
William Thwaites (France), filming and production of a documentary on Parisian street musicians
Timothy Woodward (Spain), Camino de Santiago pilgrimage