The R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant for Best Proposal

Javi Zubizarreta (Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Spain),
“The Basque and Irish Troubles in Film: Establishing a Connection and Career”

The Snider Family Endowment for Excellence in European Studies

Emma Zainey (Italy), for an internship at the Arciconfraternita della Misericordia

Erin Islo (Transylvania), to attend the Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

The Dr. Charles C. Price Memorial Fund for East-Central European Studies

Katherine Mohrig (Ukraine), “Division, Union, and Formation: The Power of Religion in Modern Ukraine”

Undergraduate Travel & Research

Claire Brown (Ireland), “Commodification of Heritage: The Role of the Connemara Pony in Irish Society”

Lee Haggenjos (Spain), “The Modern Classical Guitar: The Influence of Spanish Folk Music”

Lauren Henderson (Spain), “The Madrid Realist School”

Elizabeth Israel (Italy), “Itinerarium Urbis Romae: An Annotated Translation of a XVI-Century Guide”

Andrew Kelly (France), “Bug-Jargal: the Politics of Early French Revolution”

Annette Weber (Austria), “Tyrol and Nationalistic Struggles in the Habsburg Monarchy”

Pessoa Grant for Advanced Language in Portuguese

Gabriela Austgen (Portugual), University of Lisbon Summer Courses for Foreigners

Alexander Pushkin Grant for Advanced Lanugage Training in Russian

Kristen Blyth (Russia), ACTR Summer 2010 Advanced Language and Area Studies Program

Summer Language Abroad Grants in conjunction with CSLC

The Nanovic Institute funded 31 students in the European Languages.

Senior Travel and Research Grants

Catherine Curtin (Sweden), “Sweden: International Integration and Multiculturalism”
Juliana Hoffelder (United Kingdom), “The Guild of Saints Joseph and Dominic: A Social Movement”
Eleanor Huntington (Switzerland), “Any Soil can Host a Dead Body: Land Rights, Displacement, and Genocide”
Pamela Johnson (Italy), “Extreme Museum Makeover: Restructuring the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna”
Joanna Kirsch (United Kingdom), “Look Behind You: Exploring the Contemporaneity of British Pantomime”
Amber Lattner (Spain), “Understanding the Phases of Orientation, Disorientation, and Reorientation as They Relate to the Camino de Santiago, and the Parallel to Life”
Anthony Logan (Germany), “The Relationship between the Secret Police of Cuba and East Germany”
Anthony Logan (Germany), “The Final Years of Cuban-East German Cooperation”
Collin McCabe (Spain), “Gastrointestinal Parasite Burdens in the Barbary Macaques of Gibraltar”
Hayley Mohr (Germany), “Images of Women in GDR Literature – Archive Research”
Brandon Payne (Italy), “Christianity and Global Culture: Opus Dei’s attempt to inspire the World
Amanda Qualls (Russia/France), “Honors Art History Thesis and Russian Capstone Essay”
Heidi Sundry (United Kingdom), “An English Castle Hotel Design Project”

European Internship & Service Grant

Jennifer Burke (France), an internship with STYLES Architects
Kyle Collins (Spain), Laboratory Assistant at the University of Valencia, Alcoy
Brendan Hart (Italy), an internship with David Mayernik, Ltd.
Quinn Ketterman (Spain), an internship at the Chamber of Commerce in Toledo
Paige Mariucci (France), an internship with STYLES Architects
Marta Michalska (Poland), Research Assistant at the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology
Douglas Pernik (Germany), an internship with RWTH Aachen University

Architecture Internship

Matthew Brown (France), an internship with STYLES Architects

Herrly Internship in Paris

Kristen Andree (France), an internship with Notre Dame alumnus Peter Herrly in Paris, France
Eileen Sullivan and Kelsey Falter (Lucca, Italy), to attend the International Leadership Conference through the Student International Business Council

Undergraduate Initiative Grants

Micahlyn Allen (England), “The Guild of Saint Joseph and Saint Dominic: Unconventional Creators”
Kayla Durcholz (Albania), “Butrint/Mursi Archaeological Field Project”
Christine Fagen, Ashley Fox, Kimberly Gaughan, Angelica Hernandez, Lucy Lavely, Michael Lewis, John Maltese, Chelsea Moore (England), “History of Costume”
Kelly Fallon (England), “The Guilds of Saints Joseph and Dominic: Faith, Work and Social Activism”
Kristina Hamilton (Ireland), “Immersion into an Irish Gaeltacht”
Kristopher Kast, Marta Michalksa, Kevin Mickey (Transylvania), to attend the Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy
Amanda Johnson (Ireland), “DC to Dublin: A comparative study of homelessness”
Brigid Mangano (Albania), “Butrint/Mursi Archaeological Field Project”
Patrick McCormick (New York, US), to attend the Path to Peace Seminar in New York
Vu Ngyuen (Italy), to present a paper at the UNIV Congress in Italy.
Annette Ruth (Ireland), “Teach Bhride Volunteer in County Wexford, Ireland”
Elizabeth Tacl (Italy), to attend a Medical Ethics Conference
Richard Ybarra (Italy), to present a paper at the UNIV Congress in Italy.