The R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant for Best Proposal

John Hennessey (France)
“The Struggle to Define Empire in Colonial French Indochina, 1940-1945”

The Katie Murphy McMahon Grant for Russian and East-Central European Studies

Mary Ann Barge (United Kingdom, Russia)
“National Identity and Patriotism During the Siege of Leningrad, and Their Implications for Today”

Anna Jansons (Latvia)
“The Saule’s New Realm: Contemporary Treatment of Ancient Latvian Symbols”

Katherine Mohrig (Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France)
“The Struggles of the Roma: Hungary’s Largest Minority and the Development of Human Rights Law”

Undergraduate Research and Travel Grants

Colleen Anderson (Germany), “German Views of Nationalism in Hamburg’s Public Building Projects, 1890-1990”

Alice Ciciora (Ireland), “The Views of Muslim and Irish Elites on Muslim Accommodation and Integration in Ireland”

Emily Doll (Germany), “Elisabeth Heinroth: Exploring Beyond the Wall”

Monica Garcia Blizzard (Italy), “Immigration & Imitation Goods in Italy”

Courtney Hofman (United Kingdom), “Medieval Hospital Field School in Bioarchaeology”

Ryan Lash (United Kingdom, Ireland), “Constructing Identity from the Ground Up: Reexamining the Medieval Castle”

George Mandarakas (Greece), “To What Extent Has the Production of Wind Farms Alleviated Andros Island’s Dependency on Non-Renewable Resources”

Katherine Schilling (Netherlands), “Relief and Development Challenges for a Catholic NGO: The CORDAID Experience After 9/11”

Perry Shoemaker (Spain), “Historical Memory and the Franco Legacy: An Examination of Spain’s Efforts to Address Political Violence and Crimes Committed During Francisco Franco’s Dictatorship”

Senior Research Grant Awards

Amanda Bode (Paris, Angers, and Tours, France), “Inspiration, Love, and Rivalry of Homeland: The Loire Valley as Muse in the Renaissance”

Lisa Anne Fallon-Stack (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), “A Shoah Memorial in Writing: Anne Frank and Etty Hillesum Understood and Remembered in a Jewish-Christian Amsterdam”

Laura Fox (Bologna, Italy), To attend the “Transnational Identities/Reimaginging Commnitites” conference.

Ben Gunty (Paris, France), “The French and English Debate in Europe: A Bilingual Textual Analysis”

Sarah Hunger (Paris, France), “Integration of French Immigrants”

Maria Iuppa (Bologna, Italy), “Italian Comedic Cinema Between WWII and the Economic Boom”

Martina Mirandola Mullen (London, England), “Cultural Fluidity in Europe: the People and Identity of South Tirol”

Rachel Mulligan (London, England), “The Unconscious and Identity in Virginia Woolf’s Work”

Lindsay Poulin (Lyon, France), “The Rise and Fall of House and Empire: Charles Worth and the Lyon Silk Industry”

Elizabeth Simari (Bologna, Italy), To attend the “Transnational Identities/Re imaging Committees” conference.

Philip Carl Smith (Rome, Italy), “The Hymns of the Dominican Dialect of Gregorian Chant”

Undergraduate Initiative Grants

Brian Beyersdorf (UK). To research Parliamentary rhetoric in the colonial economy in the India Office Collections of the British Library.

Ann Walter and Allyson Laurance (London, England and Valencia, Spain), To attend the global healthcare conference: “Women Deliver”

Caroline Anne Wenzke (Ireland). To present “Dismantling the Cyprus Conspiracy: the United States’ Role in the Cyprus Crisis of 1963, 1967, and 1974” at the Belfast Workshop on Cyprus and Divided Societies Conference.

Advanced Language Study Grants

Katie Buza (Russian)

Joseph Maciubq (Polish)

Vanessa Milano (Russian)

Joseph Piligian (German), Goethe Institute in Munich, Germany

Kristine Nugent (Ukrainian)

Kaitlin Spillane (Russian)

Logan Zoellner (Russian)

Pessoa Advanced Language Grant in Portuguese

Julia Sendor (Portuguese) at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Undergraduate Summer Internships

Andrew Bertoli (Belgian), European Union in Brussels

Brenna Decker (France), with the Arcas Group, an architecture firm in Paris

Alejandra Gutzeit and Andrew Gim (Italy), architecture firm of Pier Carlo Bontempi in Parma

David Murren (France), working with Peter Herrly of SciencesPo (Institute of Polictical Science) in Paris

Charles Ramsey (Germany), Deere & Company in Mannheim

Elizabeth Ruiz (Germany), University of Stuttgart’s Institute for Chemical Process Engineering

Catherine Stecyk, (Ukraine), The Children of Chernobyl Relief & Development Fund and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Internships sponsored through the SIBC (Student International Business Council)

England – Allie Carroll

Italy – Clare Brady, Maria Bufalino, and Tina Tovar

Poland – Patrick Sala and Danielle Straccia

Internship at the Carpathian English Summer School through the Catholic University of Ukraine

Jaime Cordes

Christopher Gattis

Greer Hannan

Christopher Smith