Before 2006


The Dominica and Frank Annese Fellowship in Graduate Studies

Sean Brennan

The Paul G. Tobin Dissertation Fellowship

Kate Hennessey

Graduate Research and Travel Grants

Marlene Daut (Haiti) “The Politics of Poetry and Prose in Nineteenth Century Haiti.”

Melinda Grimsley-Smith (Ireland) “The Uses of Insanity in Nineteenth Century Ireland.”

Andrew Irving (Italy) “Gospel Books in Ritual in Eleventh-Century Montacassino.”

Glen Ryland (Namibia) “Rhenish Missions and German Notions of Race, 1829-1939.”

Additional Graduate Support

Sean Brennan (History), received a Speaker Support grant to bring in lecturers for the 2005-2006 Vincent DeSantis lecture Series. Prof. Hope Harrison, George Washington University, to lecture on “The Past, Present and Future of the Berlin Wall: How the Germans are Dealing with the History of Division and the Communist Past.”

James Matthew Wilson and Tommy Davis (English), received a speaker support grant to fund the Twentieth Century Studies Reading Group’s series of lectures in celebration of the centenary of Samuel Beckett’s birth. Lecturers will include Sandra Wynands, Enoch Brater (U of Michigan), Sam Weber (Northwestern U), and Daniel Albright (Harvard).

James Matthew Wilson (English), received additional graduate support to do research on T.S. Eliot at the Eliot Archives, Cambridge, England.

Tommy Davis (English), received additional graduate support to travel to Lyon, France to collect and translate writings by Maurice Blanchot (with Kevin Hart).


Graduate Research and Travel Grants

Thomas S. Davis (Britain) “European Modernism and the Politics of Everyday Life.”

Gavin M. Foster (Ireland) “The Origins and Legacy of the Irish Civil War.”

Marion C. Rohrleitner (Germany & Austria) “‘Talking about a Revolution’: The Shared roots of Contemporary German-Turkish and US-Latino Immigrant Literatures in the Social Protest Movements of the 1960s.”

James A. Thompson (Europe) “A Realist Theory of Integration.”

Tonia A. Warnecke (Luxembourg) “Family, Policy, Fertility and Women’s Labor Force Participation in Eastern Europe.”

Additional Graduate Support

Martin Beisswenger (Moscow) The Paul G. Tobin Dissertation Fellowship “Exodus to the East: Eurasianism as Religious Anti-Westernism.” Award amount: $15,000

James Matthew Wilson and Tommy Davis (English) received a Speaker Support grant to bring in Dr. Jay M. Bernstein to lead a private session with the Modernist Studies Reading Group, and to give a public lecture on Theodor W. Adorno’s “Aesthetic Theory,” and the New Aestheticism.

Miranda Wilcox (Medieval Institute) received a Speaker Support grant to support the Vagantes conference, March 3-5, 2005.


Graduate Research and Travel Grants

Martin Beisswenger (France), “The Eurasianist Movement”

Juan Luís Sánchez (Spain), “England and Spain and Origins of the Spanish Liberal Imagination”

Andrew Orr (France), “La Nouvelle Armée: Democracy, Technology, and Military Culture in Interwar France, 1919-1930”

Joseph Paul Vasquez (Britain), “Shouldering the Soldiering: Democracy, Social Composition of the Military and Combat Casualty Tolerance”


Graduate Research and Travel Grants

Firat Demir (Turkey), “Authoritarian Liberalization or Liberal Authoritarianism: neoliberal experiment, financial crisis and delinking of Democracy from Economics in Turkey.” [ed. note: Published May 2004 in World Development as “A Failure Story: Politics and Financial Liberalization in Turkey.” Second paper, “Militarization of the Market and Rent-Seeking Coalitions in Turkey” in “Development and Change”, 36(4):667-690 (2005).]

Michael Lee (Spain), “Transforming Realities: Christian Discipleship in the Soteriology of Ignacio Ellacura”

Harsh Pant (Germany), “The NPT vs. Great Power Politics: Re-examining the Nuclear Proliferation Puzzle”

Samy Zaka (France), “Education and Civilization in the Third Republic: France and Lebanon, 1871-1914”


Graduate Fellowship

Claire M. Smith (Germany), “Leveling the Playing Field: Political Finance Laws and Party Competition in the German Länder and US States”

Graduate Research and Travel Grants

  • Mioara Deac (United Kingdom), “The Visualized Unseen: Myers and his Exploration of the Unconscious”
  • Willow Wetherall (Kosovo), “Globalization, Gender, and Organized Crime: Trafficking of Women in Post-Conflict Kosovo”
  • Samy Zaka (France), “The Paradox of Catholic Education in the French Third Republic: 1871-1914”

Graduate Student Spotlight

Nanovic Graduate Fellow Book Review: Article 353

Early in 2019, The New York Times published a “Globetrotting” list of books from a variety of genres and countries. Drawing from works originally published in and about every inhabited continent, the list presented an assortment of novels, memoirs, nonfiction works, and...
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