The Paul G. Tobin Dissertation Fellowship

Patrick Gamez (Philosophy), “Focuault’s Ethics of Truth”
James Martell de la Torre (Ph.D. in Literature), “Writing Derrida Thinking Beckett: A Study of the Limits between Philosophy and Literature”

The Dominica and Frank Annese Fellowship in Graduate Studies

Damiano Benvengu (Ph.D. in Literature), “Primo Levi and the Question of the Animal”
Sean Phillips (History), “Pox in the Pulpit: The Catholic Church and Smallpox in France, 1724-1836”

Graduate Travel and Research Grants

Naomi Fisher (Philosophy), “Study and Research at the University of Bonn” (Germany) 
Samuel Fisher (History), “Redefining Britishness in the 18th century British Atlantic world” (England) 
Patrick Gamez (Philosophy), “Archival Research, Foucault Archives and Althusser Archives, IMEC, Caen, France Dissertation Title: Foucault’s Ethics of Truth” (France) 
Maria Guilia Genghini (PhD in Literature), “Christianity in the new worlds: the case of Anglo-Saxon England and the Jesuit way” (Spain) 
Janice Gunther (History), “Salamanca and European Intellectual Networks: The Humanism of Hernan Nunez de Guzman” (Spain) 
Megan Hall (English), “Learning and Literacy Outside the Convent: Laywomen in Post-Conquest England” (England) 
Brian Long (Medieval Institute), “Tracing Byzantine Influences in the Twelfth-Century Translation Movement” (Italy) 
Joshua McIntire (History), “The Warburg Institute Research-Training Program” (England) 
Amy Nelson (Medieval Institute), “Monasticism and Royal Patronage in East Central Europe: Rethinking German/Slavic Boundaries in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries” (Czech Republic; Austria; United States) 
Aaron Pidel (Theology), “Exploring the Archives of Erich Przywara, S.J.” (Germany) 
Benjamin Sunderlin (Art, Art History & Design), “Founding Freedom: A Bell Maker’s Model of Art and Philosophical Change” (France) 
Kelly Taylor (Classics), “The Life and Work of Ronald Syme” (England; United States) 
Hannah Zdansky (PhD in Literature), “Manuscript Research for Ph.D. Dissertation” (England; Ireland)

Graduate Break Travel and Research Grants

Margaret Blume (Theology), “John Henry Newman’s Model of Martyrdom for the Church Today” (England) 
Keelin Burke (History), “Legislating Morality: Gender, Politics, and the Church in the Irish Free State, 1922-1937” (Ireland) 
Bianca Czaderna (Theological Studies), “G.K. Chesterton and John Henry Newman on the Imagination” (England) 
Adam Duker (History), “Providence Under Pressure: Israelite Identity and Siege Warfare in France and Geneva, 1562-1602” (France) 
Nathan Gerth (History), “Emissaries of Light in Provincial Russia: Local Officialdom in Tver’ Province and the Rise and Fall of the Classical Imperial Order, 1763-1861” (Russia) 
Anna O’Meara (Art History), “A Proposal for Master’s Thesis Research at the Guy Dobord Archives at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France” (France) 
Belen Vicens Saiz (History), “Travel to the J. Paul Getty Museum to produce a technical description of a manuscript”

Graduate Initiatives Grants (Research)

Adam Duker (History), “Providence Under Pressure: Israelite Identity and Siege Warfare in France and Geneva, 1562-1602” (Switzerland) 
Adam Foley (History), “The Twilight of Hellas: Manuel Chrysoloras’ Synkrisis and the Contest for Greek Letters” (England) 
Filippo Gianferrari (Medieval Institute), “Teaching Ovid in Bologna, 1321. Giovanni del Virgilio’s Commentary on the Metamorphosis” (France) 
Maria Guilia Genghini (PhD in Literature), “The formation of Europe through Benedictine monasticism: 
The case of Medieval England” (England)

Graduate Initiative Grants (Conference Presentations)

Pietro Bocchia (PhD in Literature), “American Association Italian Studies Annual Conference 2013” 
Margaret Garvey (PhD in Literature), “Conference paper: “Sacred Space and ‘Prepared Environment’: 
Jacques Copeu’s Montessorian view of theatrical space and movement” 
Sarah Goodman (Patent Law), “BIO International Convention
Albertus Horsting (Theology), “IMC Leeds: The Pleasures of Editing” (England) 
Qingyuan Jiang (PhD in Literature), “2013 American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference” (Canada) 
Ana Jimenez-Moreno (English), “Unlearning Colonialism through Three Women in D.H. Lawrence’s The Plumed Serpent” (France) 
Anna Larsen (Medieval Institute), “Hybrid pleasures: reading images and texts in Bodleian Library MS Selden supra 38” 
Hailey LaVoy (Medieval Institute), “”‘I received the letter of your Sublimity, filled with what words pleased you’: Queens, Power, and Epistolarity, c. 700-900," International Medieval Congress Leeds, UK, July 1-4, 2013” (England) 
Caroline Maloney (Art, Art History & Design), “Paper presentation of “‘Granddaughter of a Witch, Sister to a Fairy’: Pamela Colman Smith and the Celtic Twilight” at the University of Southern California’s 16th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium, titled “Drawn from Life: Re-examining Biography as Art Historical Framework”” 
John McCormack (History), “Presentations at American Historical Association Annual Meeting” 
Eleanor Pettus (History), “Paper presentation of “The Loss of Monastic Schools during the English Reformation” at Symposium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in St. Louis” 
Eleanor Pettus (History), “Presenting a paper entitled “‘Virtue and learning’ in Grammar education from Henry VII to Elizabeth I”” 
Martino Rabaioli (Romance Languages), “Conference at Portland State University organized by the Department of World Languages and Literatures” 
Tamara Shaya (Peace Studies), “Presentations at the European Conference on Politics and Gender” (Spain) 
Susanna Stamile (Romance Languages), “UNC Chapel Hill: “Between Lines: Adaptation, space, and Creation””

Graduate Initiatives Grants (Language)

David Komline (History), “German Script Course” *
*Sponsored by the Katie Murphy McMahon Grant for Russian and East-Central European Studies.

Graduate Summer Language Training Grants

Babak Bakhtiarynia (Philosophy), “Goethe-Institut German Language Study” (Germany) 
Marjorie Harrington (English), “Living Latin in Rome, sponsored by the Paideia Institute” (Italy)

Graduate Language Training with Center for Languages and Cultures – Summer Language Abroad Grants

Monica Bykowski (History), “Russian Language Study” (Russia) 
Ryan Kemp (Philosophy), “Danish Language Study” (Denmark) 
Han-luen Komline (Theology), “Italian Language Study” (Italy) 
Joshua Noble (Theology), “German Language Study” (Germany) 
Claire Reising (French & Francophone Studies), “French Language Study” (France) 
Bretton Rodriguez (PhD in Literature), “Catalan Language Study” (Spain)

Graduate Student Spotlight

Nanovic Graduate Fellow Book Review: Article 353

Early in 2019, The New York Times published a “Globetrotting” list of books from a variety of genres and countries. Drawing from works originally published in and about every inhabited continent, the list presented an assortment of novels, memoirs, nonfiction works, and...
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