The Paul G. Tobin Dissertation Fellowship

Shan-Yun Huang, “’In the Smithy of my Soul’: Bildungsroman, State Formation, and Decolonization in Twentieth-Century Ireland” (pending acceptance)
Jessica Kay Lumsden, “Who Were the Ribbonmen?: Ribbonism and the Evolution of Nationalism, 1760-1858”
John McCormack, “Wounded Faith: Monarchy and Memory in the French Wars of Religion, 1559-1629”
David Morris, “Apocalypse Now or Later: The Pseudo-Joachite Commentary Super Prophetas”

The Dominica and Frank Annese Fellowship in Graduate Studies

Karen Clausen-Brown, “Remembering the Sabbath: Literary and Biblical Authority in Milton and His Contemporaries”
Ana Velitchkova, “Communist-Era Eastern European Publics”

Graduate Travel & Research Grants

Sarah Baechle (Scotland, England), “Continental Chaucer: Medieval Literary Commentary and the Problem of Historical Alterity”
Damiano Benvegnu (Italy), “Exploring Primo Levi’s Archives”
Laura Bland (Spain), “The Basilisk, the Lynx, and the Devil: ‘Wonders of Nature’ in Spanish Natural Histories, 1500-1555”
Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis (England), “Empowered by the Word: Authorizing Women Religious in High Medieval England”
Brandon Cook (Italy), “The Twelfth-Century Manuscripts of Norman Palermo”
Adam Duker (Switzerland, Germany, France, United States), “Jerusalem Besieged: Israelite Identity and Holy War in France and Geneva, 1562-1598”
Allison Edgren (Germany), “Beggars and Begging in Medieval Augsburg”
Carrie Fuller (England), “Reading Beyond the Borders: Visions of Christendom and the Shared Reception of Piers Plowman and The Book of Sir John Mandeville”
Margaret Garvey (England, France, Belgium), “Jacques Copeau, Maria Montessori and Copeau’s Past and Contemporary Theater Disciples”
Nichole George (England), “Riots and Remembrance: Guy Fawkes, Benedict Arnold and the Making of a Transatlantic Identity”
Kirstin Hasler (England), “Symbols and Sacrifice: The Role of Nationalism in Combat Effectiveness”
Jonathan Knowles (Germany), “Religion and Social Milieus in Early Twentieth Century Germany: Wall or Bridge?”
George Logusch (Italy), “Developments in the Architectural Language or Bernardo Vittone”
Jessica Lumsden (Ireland, England), “Who Were the Ribbonmen?: Ribbonism and the Evolution of Nationalism, 1760-1858”
Stephen Morgan (Germany), “Shepherds of a Dying Flock: German Missionaries and the Herero Genocide”
David Morris (Italy, England), “Apocalypse Now or Later: The Pseudo-Joachite Commentary Super Prophetas”
Heather Parrish (Germany), artist residency in Berlin
Anna Katelynn Rogers (Greece, Italy), “A Diamond in the Rough: The Temple of Roma and Augustus on the Athenian Acropolis”
Sara Troyani (Italy), “Italian America: Latin America as Italy in Italian Emigration Guides”
Aaron Willis (England, Scotland), “The Constitution of a Pragmatic Empire: The British Atlantic, Toleration, and the Quebec Act, 1763-1776”

Graduate Summer Language Training Grants

Monica Bykowski (Russia), advanced language training in St. Petersburg, Russia
Jordan Corwin (U.S.), language study at the CUNY Graduate Center Latin/Greek Institute
Alexander Stern (Germany), language study at the Goethe Institut Berlin
The Nanovic Institute also funded the advanced European language study of 4 students in conjunction with the CSLC.

Graduate Initiative Grants

The Nanovic Institute awarded 29 Initiative Grants to graduate students, 18 of which were for conference presentations.

Graduate Student Spotlight

A Message for the MGA Class of 2020

Dear friends, Let us keep it simple; it is as simple as that: We need artisans of a new humanity. For my wife’s birthday, our boys decided to surprise her by building a raised garden bed. A raised garden bed,...
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