The Paul G. Tobin Dissertation Fellowship

Natalia Baeza, “Adorno’s Negative Dialectics: Internal Consistency and Relevance to Contemporary Critical Theory”

Margaret Garvey, “Aristotle’s Body: theater directors’ and theorists’ engagement with ancient Greek concepts of embodiment in tragedy and its performance”

Nathan Gerth, “Emissaries of Light in Provincial Russia: Local Officialdom and the Rise and Fall of the Classical Imperial Order, 1780-1880”

Andrew Hansen, “Protestant Theology in Transatlantic Context: Germany, Britain and the United States, 1815-1890”

The Dominica and Frank Annese Fellowship in Graduate Studies

Maria Rogacheva, “Soviet Scientific Intelligentsia from Stalin to Gorbachev, 1956-1985”

The R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant

Albertus Horsting (England), conference presentation at Oxford University’s 16th International Patristics Conference
Stephen Metzger (England), conference presentation at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds
Kalene Morris (Poland), participation in the Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society
Laura Rau (France), attendance at the Summer Institute for French Organ Studies
Hannah Zdansky (England), manuscript research at the British Library

Graduate Travel & Research Grants

Kirsten Appleyard (Italy), “Angelic Art: the Painterly Preaching of Fra Angelico’s Annunciation Scenes”
Sarah Baechle (England), “Chaucerian Marginalia, Continental Models, and Multi-Dimensional Textuality in Medieval and Modern Reading Practices”
Jennifer Bevan (England, Italy), “Andrea Palladio, Raymond Erith and Albert Simons: Distributio in Contemporary Classical Architecture”
Margaret Bouffard (Italy), “Religious Sites Throughout Italy”
Margaret Garvey (France), “Jacques Copeau’s archives and his connection with Maria Montessori”
Albertus Horsting (Italy), “Prosper of Aquitaine’s poetical synthesis of Augustinian theology”
Meredith Meagher (Ireland), “U.S. Foreign Policy in Ireland and the ‘Nation of Immigrants,’ 1914-1965”
David Morris (Italy), “The Pseudo-Joachite Commentary Super Isaiam”
Eleanor Pettus (England), “Latin Grammar Schools during the English Reformation”
Sean Phillips (France), “’But Sin Maketh Nations Miserable’: Usury, Catholicism, and the Political Economy in Early Nineteenth-Century France”
Cara Polk (Italy), “Research of Liturgical Manuscripts from the Crusader Latin Kingdoms”
Ben Reinhard (England), “The Archbishop and his Books: Wulfstan, Society, and the Written Word”
Caroline Wilky (Italy), “From Narrative to Chronicle: Universal History in Thirteenth-Century Intellectual Culture”

Graduate Language Training Grant

Jonathan Knowles (U.S.), intensive German script course at the Moravian Archives at Moravian College
Laurel Schuirmann (Italy), “Film, Culture, and Language Study”

Summer Language Abroad Grants in conjunction with CSLC

The Nanovic Institute funded 2 students in the European Languages.

Collaborative Projects Grants

Nathan Gerth (U.S.), hosting the second meeting of the international interdisciplinary graduate student workshop between the University of Notre Dame, Bielefeld University, and St. Petersburg State University

Graduate Initiative Grants

Sylvester Bartos (England), conference participation and class tour of Bath, England
Keelin Burke (Ireland), “Rosamond Jacob’s Diaries: Gender and the Irish Free State, 1922-1937”
Jordan Corwin (France), attendance at the PhilMath Intersem 2011 in Paris, France
Robert Duke (England), conference participation and class tour of Bath, England
Adam Duker (Canada), paper presentation at the annual meeting of the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference (SCSC)
Lesley-Anne Dyer (Italy), attendance at the La Settimana conference in Spoleto, Italy
Michael Emmerich (France), attendance at the Summer Institute for French Organ Studies
Karrie Fuller (England), conference presentation at the Twelfth Biennial Conference of the Early Book Society at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York
Albertus Horsting (U.S.), “Teaching Augustine in Medieval and Modern Europe: Prosper of Aquitaine’s Epigrams”
Bryan Keve (Italy, Greece), “19th Century Neoclassical Italian and Greek Architecture”
Chad Kiewiet de Jonge (Switzerland), conference presentation at the Dreiländertagung (Three Country Meeting) at the University of Basel
Anna Siebach Larsen (Germany), conference presentation at “Sanctity and Literature: a symposium” at Rhur-Universität, Bochum
Hailey LaVoy (Italy), Settimana di Studio (“Week of Study”) on the topic of “Reading and Writing in the Early Middle Ages,” sponsored by the Centro Italiano di Studi sull’Alto Medioevo
Ian Manire (England), conference participation and class tour of Bath, England
John McCormack (Canada), conference presentation at the Sixteenth Century Conference in Montreal
Shmuel Nili (Germany), conference presentation at Goethe-University in Frankfurt
Shmuel Nili (U.S.), conference presentation at the 35th European Studies conference in Omaha
Shmuel Nili (U.S.), participation in a roundtable discussion at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Shmuel Nili (Switzerland), conference presentation at the St. Gallen Symposium
Marianne Peracchio (Ireland), conference presentation at the Ireland and Modernity Conference at Queen’s University, Belfast
Stacey Philliber (England), conference participation and class tour of Bath, England
Maria Rogacheva (U.S.), conference presentation at the American Historical Association (AHA) 125th Annual Meeting in Boston
Laura Taylor (Turkey), conference presentation at the International Society for Political Psychology in Istanbul
Joshua Tepley (U.S.), conference presentation at the 45th Annual Meeting of the Heidegger Circle at Marquette University
Joshua Tepley (Canada), conference presentation at the 18th Biennial Meeting of the North American Sartre Society
Joshua Tepley (U.S.), conference presentation at the Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association
Joel VanderWeele (England), conference participation and class tour of Bath, England
Christopher Whelan (England), conference participation and class tour of Bath, England
Stephen Zepeda (England), conference participation and class tour of Bath, England

Graduate Student Spotlight

Nanovic Graduate Fellow Book Review: Article 353

Early in 2019, The New York Times published a “Globetrotting” list of books from a variety of genres and countries. Drawing from works originally published in and about every inhabited continent, the list presented an assortment of novels, memoirs, nonfiction works, and...
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