The Dominca and Frank and Dominica Annese Fellowship in Graduate Studies

Richard Oosterhoff (Doctorate in History and Philosophy of Science), “Jacques Lefevre d’Etaples, His Pupils and the Ends of Number: Mathematics and Philosophy in Northern Renaissance”

Paul G. Tobin Dissertation Fellowship

Lucrecia Garcia-Iommi (Doctorate in Political Science), “Thinking Institutions in 3-D: The Role of Ideas in the Creation of International Institutions”
Michael Mawson (Doctorate in Theology), “Christ Existing as Community: Bonhoeffer, Hegel and the Ethical Life.”
Jason “Jay” Miller (Doctorate in Philosophy), “Subjectivity in Hegel’s Philosophy of Art.”

Graduate Travel and Research Grants

Joshua Bandoch (US, France), “Spirit and State: A Miontesquieuian Analysis of Societies”
Max Deardorff (Italy), “Imperial Pedagogies: Spanish Jesuit Strategies for Evangelization in the Wake of Trent”
Melissa Dinsman (Germany), “Cooperative or Co-opted Communication? Understanding the Early Theory of Radio Plays”
Nicole Eddy (Great Britain), “Marginal Annotation in Medieval Romance Manuscripts: Understanding the Contemporary Reception of the Genre”
Prisma Garcia (United Kingdom), “Biotechnology in Oxford, United Kingdom: Case Study on Oxitec, Ltd.”
Robert Gustin (United Kingdom), “Philosophy of Natural Science: From Newton to Kant”
James Martell de la Torre (France), “Thinking through distance: Derrida and Beckett”
Anne McGinness (Italy), “Martyrdom in the Atlantic”
Olukunle Patrick Owolabi (United Kingdom, France), “The Colonial Origins of Development, Democracy & Dictatorship”
James Regier (Germany), “Utopia of Ash: Mennonites and the Germanization of the Warthegau, 1939-1945”
Bretton Rodriguez** (Spain), Alfonsine manuscript research in Madrid and Salamanca
Joel Schmidt (France), “’Present in the World’: Human Imagination and the Holy Spirit in the Sacramentality of Preaching”
Joshua Tepley* (US), “Heidegger’s Philosophy of Being: An Analytic Enquiry”
Aaron Willis (England), “The Quebec Act and British Identity, 1763-1783”
Damian Zurro (Belgium), “By the Labor of Their Hands: Medieval Monastic Laybrothers and Laysisters in the Low Countries”

Graduate Student Conference

Eleanor Pettus (History), “The Center Cannot Hold: The Movement of Ideas Between Imperial Centers and Peripheries”
Gretchen Busl (Ph.D. in Literature), “Weltliteratur: Crossing Boundaries, An Interdisciplinary Conference on World Literature”

Graduate Language Training

Adam Duker* (France), “Cours de la Civilization Francaise de la Sorbonne” Intensive French Language Course
Jacob Hurst (United States), Iconographic Language (Russian Orthodox)
Daniel Kettinger (Goethe-Institut), Summer language program
Paul Prezzia* (France), Accord School of Languages
James Regier (Poland), Jagiellonian Univerity – School of Polish Language and Culture

Graduate Initiative Grants

Natalie Baeza (Italy), “Determinate Negation and Dialetics in Adorno’s Philosophy”
Ji Yeon Choe (France), Gothic Architecture Documentation for Thesis
Ciara Conneely (Maynooth, Ireland), to attend the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures Conference
Elise Crull* (Scotland and Hungary), “The Einstein Paradox: Issues of Quantum Completeness in 1935”
Hayley Dalgleish (Ireland), “House of Brigid, County Wexford, Ireland”
Melissa Dinsman (Canada), “Cooperative or Co-opted Communication? Understanding Bertolt Brecht’s Radio Plays”
Melissa Dinsman (Honolulu, US), Conference presentation of “Imperial Brecht? -A Discussion of Bertolt Brecht’s Complex Portrayal of Empire and the East as Seen in Mann ist Mann and Die Maßnahme”
Adam Duker* (Switzerland), Research for the article: ‘The Hermeneutics of Emotional Restraint: Calvin’s Pastorial Theology of Imprecation in Comparative Context’ and participation in the cours de’été at the IHR
Gincarlo Ferrara (Boston, US), to attend the MIT European Career Fair conference
Jennifer Mary Fox✣ (Turkey), “Symposium on Byzantine and Ottoman Civilizations/ Museums of Istanbul”
Andrew Hansen (New England, US), “Protestant Theology in Transatlantic Context, 1815-1880”
Tahir Imitiaz (Boston, US), to attend the MIT European Career Fair conference
Alexander Larsen “Conference Presentation at the International Comparative Literature Association congress in Seoul, Korea”
Namoi Luce (DC, US), Conference Presentation: “Examining Teleology” Conference
Mary Kathryn Mattingly (Ireland), “House of Brigid, County Wexford, Ireland”
John McCormack* (France), “Wounded Faith: Monarchy & Memory in the French Wars of Religion, 1559-1629”
Shmuel Nili* (Spain), “Will the EU Win It for the Catalans? Barcelona and Madrid, Sports and Politics”
Richard Ooseterhoff (Italy), “RSA in Venice: 16th-Century Quadrivial Matters”
Nara Pavao* (Scotland), Presenting paper at the 14th Annual Conference for the International Society for New Institutional Economics
Laura Rau (France), Organ Study Tour in France
Luke Scullion (Boston, US), to attend the MIT European Career Fair and attend conference
Sonja Stojanovic (France), “Louis XVI or ‘the misfortunes of a man who was king’: A manacing hybridity in the portrayal of a good father”
Christopher Sullivan* (Portugal), “The Behavioral and Cultural Foundations and Consequences of Violence”
Quang Tran (Boston, US), to attend the MIT European Career Fair conference
Heather Treseler (Ireland), Conference presentation: “Defending Poetry: August, 1950”
Brandon Vaidyanathan (Italy), Interviews and archival research in Italy
James Weber (Boston, US), to attend the MIT European Career Fair conference
Jacquilyn Weeks (Minneapolis, US), Research with Jack Zipes at the University of Minnesota
Mike Westrate (Sweden), “A Flea on the Bear: Valery Abramkin and Dissent under the Late Soviet Regime”

Additional Support

Naomi Luce (History and Philosophy), support for a discussion group on Schiller, “Uber die ästhetische Erziehung des Menschen”
Virginia Hungate-Hawk* (Art, Art History, and Design), and internship at Glasgow Pring Studio in the United Kingdom
Ines Nam (French), Funding of flight to France for the project “Sophie, Then + Now: The controversial Reception of Rousseau’s Natural Woman”

*Funded by the R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant
(**)=Funded by The Snider Family Endowment for Excellence in European Studies
(✣)=Funded by The Katie Murphy McMahon Endowment for Excellence in Russian & East-Central European Studies

Graduate Student Spotlight

Nanovic Graduate Fellow Book Review: Article 353

Early in 2019, The New York Times published a “Globetrotting” list of books from a variety of genres and countries. Drawing from works originally published in and about every inhabited continent, the list presented an assortment of novels, memoirs, nonfiction works, and...
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