The Dominica and Frank Annese Fellowship in Graduate Studies

Charles Leavitt IV (Ph.D. in Literature)
“Reconciling Word and World: Theories of Literature in the Age of Neorealism”

The Paul G. Tobin Dissertation Fellowship

Mykola SorochInskyy (Notre Dame Law School)
“Regional Human Rights Courts: Resolving Disputes or Transforming Countries?”

Bradley Thames (Philosophy)
“Historicity, Contingency, and Virtue”

Graduate Travel and Research Grants

Natalie Baeza (England), “Adorno’s Negative Dialectics and Critical Theory”

Damiano Benvegnu’ (Italy), “Identity, language, landscape: Gian Mario Villalta and the new-dialect poetry in the contemporary Italy”

Elise Crull (Scotland, Switzerland), “History and Philosophy of Quantum Theory: Summer Research 2009”

James Fetter (Germany), “One World, Two Philosophical Traditions: A Comparison of Maritain’s and Kojeve’s Arguments for World Unification and European Integration”

Lucrecia Garcia Iommi (Netherlands; Germany, France, UK), “Thinking Institutions in 3-D: The Role of Legitimacy in the Creation of Interational Institutions”

Andrew Hansen (Germany), “The German Awakening in Transatlantic Context”

Hailey LaVoy (Germany), “Mission and Manuscript: Anglo-Saxons Teaching Latin in Eighth-Century Germany”

Michael Mawson (Germany), “Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Ethics and Hegelian Philosophy”

John McCormack (France),” Wounded Faith: Monarchy and Memory in the French Wars of Religion, 1559-1629”

Kunle Owolabi (France), “The Colonial Origins of Development and Democracy: How Distinct Patters of European Colonization Shaped Human Well-Being and Political Regime Outcomes in the Developing World, 1946-2003”

Nicole Paxton (Italy), “Imagining Cultural Identities: Puglia Between the Byzantines and Normans A Study of the Cave Church of San Nicola di Mottola”

Eleanor Pettus (Switzerland), Summer Course at the Institute for Reformation History

Ana Velitchkova (Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, & Romania), “Cultural Mobilization in the Eastern European Transitions of 1989”

Jacquilyn Weeks (England), “Expanding Dissertation Committeee Resources in Cambridge and Norwich”

Graduate Student Conference Grants

“From Res Publica to the Republic of Letters: The Common Good in Transition and Translation”, Michael Westrate, Maria Rogacheva, Mihail Namtu, Samara Cahill, Richard Oosterhoff. (Faculty Advisor: Sabine MacCormack)

“Hegel and German Idealism”, Natalia Baeza, Piper Bringhurst, Erica Freeman, Patrick Gamez, Jay Miller, Tom Mulherin, Anna Rafalski , and Jordan Rodgers. (Faculty Advisors: Fred Rush and Karl Ameriks)

Graduate Initiative Grants

Daniel Aijian (Malta, England, CA), “Real Cities Have Curves: Proposal for a Summer Travel and Research Initiative”

Daniel Balan (Romania), Saxon Architecture Study

Daniel Balan (Fosta Island, Ireland), “Benedict XVI and Beauty: Issues in the Tradition of Christian Aesthetics”

Walter Early (England), Museum of Steel Sculpture Summer Residency

Erica Freeman (Canada), Conference: “Von Kant bis Hegel: Naturalism and Naturphilosophie” at Concordia University

Kathryn Gardner (United Kingdom), Conference: “European Identities: Regionalism, Nationalism and Religion” at the Notre Dame London Centre

Dan Hicks (Germany), “Science and Values: The Politicization of Science”

Patrick Manning (Spain), “On the Trail of the Divine: Lessons in Christian Devotion from El Camino de Santiago”

Keri Matwick (Spain), “A Sociocultural Study of Women in Contemporary Spanish Immigration Films”

Kelsi Matwick (Spain), “A Sociocultural Study of Women in Contemporary Spanish Immigration Films”

Stephen Morgan (Pennsylvania, USA), German Script Course at the Moravian Archives

Jeremy Montemarano (Czech Republic), “Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology”

Mykola Sorochinskyy (Netherlands), Conference: “When Two Regional Human Rights Systems Meet: The Inter-American and the European Systems in a Comparative Perspective” at the University of Utrecht

Sonja Stojanovic (France), “The Madeleine Cemetery and the Resting Places of Memory”

Jacquilyn Weeks (United States), Conference: Presentation of the “Burning Changelings and Psychoanalyzing Fairies: The Oterhworldly Poetry Charloote Mew” in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Graduate Language Training Grants

Mark Driessen (France), Institut d’etudes franscaises d’Avignon

Michael Francis (Germany), Premium Superintensiv 4, Goethe-Institute, Fankfurt

Francis Hittinger (Italy), Scuola Insieme

James Martell de la Torre (Germany), Goethe Institut Intensive 8 weeks

Kelsi Matwick (France), Paul-Valery University, Institute of French for Foreigners, (I.E.F.E.)

Keri Matwick (France), Paul-Valery University, Institute of French for Foreigners, (I.E.F.E.)

Melissa Mayus (Minneapolis/Reykjavik), The University of Minnesota/Digurdur Nordal Office of the University of Iceland

Eleanor Pettus (France), The Accord Language School

Bretton Rodriguez (Spain), The University of Salamanca

Hannah Zdansky (France), Institut d’etudes franscaises d’Avignon

Graduate Student Spotlight

Nanovic Graduate Fellow Book Review: Article 353

Early in 2019, The New York Times published a “Globetrotting” list of books from a variety of genres and countries. Drawing from works originally published in and about every inhabited continent, the list presented an assortment of novels, memoirs, nonfiction works, and...
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