New Courses: Fall 2019

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European Studies Today

In this course, students will explore European current affairs, cultural developments, and cutting edge research by directly engaging with officials, artists, and scholars in Nanovic-sponsored events. Students will be required to attend five events, as well as instructor-led debriefing sessions. While exposing students to new research and debates, this course will simultaneously demonstrate both the contested nature of European studies and how European scholarship is produced. 

Students from all majors and colleges are welcome.

EURO 30002  | CRN 19317 | 1 Credit
Instructed by Mark T. Kettler

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Europe Through Film

What can we learn about Europe by exploring its cinema? Based on an extended version of the Nanovic Institute’s European Films Series each semester, the content of this course will focus on the relationship between contemporary European cinema and the European ideas and realities it finds compelling in terms of social and imaginative power. The course will include some history of cinema, but emphasis will be laid on using cinema as a way of stimulating questions about the nature of Europe today. 

Open to students from all majors and years.

EURO 30102 | CRN 19318 | 1 Credit
Instructed by William Collins Donahue and James Collins

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Transnational European Studies Seminar in Washington D.C. 

A multi-disciplinary, team-taught seminar focused on a selection of the most pressing challenges facing the European-American relationship today. The seminar includes a required week-long class residency in Washington D.C. during fall break to bring student into dialogue with experts in contemporary European and global affairs. Weekly class meetings will also be held prior to and after fall break. This course counts toward the Transnational European Studies concentration in the Global Affairs supplemental major and toward the Minor in European Studies.

Students from all majors and colleges are welcome.  Cross-listed as a one-credit course for graduate students.

EURO 33010 | CRN 19319 | 3 Credits
EURO 63010 | CRN 19320 | 1 Credit 
Instructed by William Collins Donahue and Heather Stanfiel