Midwest Model EU

Model EU
A virtual European Council debate, with Britton Brindle '23 in the role of president of Cyprus.

What is the European Union? How did it transform form the European Coal and Steal Community to what it is today? How does the EU make policies, add new members, or enforce laws? What is the future of the EU after Brexit, and in the midst of multiple crises? The Nanovic Institute's 1.0 credit course, Model EU, will tackle these questions while preparing students to practice EU policy making first hand. Students will practice negotiation, problem solving, and public speaking skills through in-class debates over EU policy areas and laws. 

Students will spend the first half of the semester learning about EU Institutions, how the work together, and the role of member states in EU policy making. The class will then receive a country assignment and will prepare to participate in the Midwest Model EU Simulation as a delegation representing the policy positions of that country within the EU. Individual students will take on roles such as Foreign Minister, President, Economics Minister, and more and join students from across the Midwest for the Model EU simulation in person at IU Bloomington from March 31 - April 1. The Nanovic Institute will cover travel to and lodging during the simulation. 

Students must register for EURO 30006 Model EU to participate. 

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