Diplomacy Scholars Fall 2022



The Nanovic Institute’s Diplomacy Scholars Program is a new and innovative offer that seeks to provide a select group of undergraduate students with the skills necessary to be effective diplomats working to advance the common good in the world today. The Nanovic Institute Diplomacy Scholars Program will be executed in partnership with the prestigious Diplomatic Academic of Vienna. The program will provide theoretical background, but will emphasize practical aspects of diplomacy in dialogue with experienced diplomats. The course culminates in a one week “Diplomacy Tour” in Washington, D.C. over fall break 2022.

 Through simulations, conversations with current and former diplomats, and coursework students will develop six key competencies:

  • Judgement and decision making
  • Conflict mediation and negotiation
  • Protocol and management 
  • Intercultural communication
  • Public speaking
  • Written communication


Accepted students are required to enroll in the three-credit Deep Dive Into Diplomacy (EURO 30007). During these sessions students will discuss the diplomatic way of life and the ethical and political questions at the heart of international diplomacy. They will gain a direct understanding of what it means to work in a Foreign Service capacity. This course will be taught by Nanovic Institute Director Clemens Sedmak in collaboration with the Keough School of Global Affairs’ Associate Director for Professional Development and Alumni Relations, and former diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service, Melinda Fountain.

Students will learn from and practice diplomatic skills in exclusive sessions with visiting speakers from a variety of diplomatic fields.In addition to the course sessions, students will be expected to participate in a few additional course enrichment activities including a “protocol dinner,” and to a consulate tour in Chicago.  

This is an intensive program that requires students to be engaged with and committed to the material and activities. Class materials including books, excursions, and activities are provided by the Nanovic Institute for European Studies. The Nanovic Institute for European Studies will cover all expenses related to this course and the fall break “Diplomacy Tour.”

As an additional aspect of its engagement with diplomacy, the Nanovic Institute will offer a diplomacy immersion experience in Washington, D.C. over fall break. 

Application Details:

The Diplomacy Scholars Program is competitive and requires submission of an application and is open to all interested undergraduate students and MGA students in the Keough School of Global Affairs. The application includes a motivational essay. Apply here by Monday, April 18 at 11:59 p.m.

Questions? Contact Student Programs Assistant Director Anna Dolezal