New Course: What is Europe?

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New Course Opportunity

What Is Europe?

Dr. Mark T. Kettler
Thursdays at 6:15 p.m.
EURO30001 CRN 31841 

(Crosslisted with EURO60001 CRN 31977)

What is “Europe”, and what is it to become? These questions have toppled governments and even sparked wars. Within just the past weeks, seven members of the British Cabinet have resigned in protest over fractious Brexit negotiations. Surging migration from North Africa and Western Asia has fueled the rise of far-right and anti-immigrant political movements across the continent and ignited debates over ethnicity, religion, and European identity. Yet at the same time, critics have invoked “European” values to denounce populist and increasingly authoritarian governments across the region. In 2013, the Euromaidan protest movement in Ukraine linked aspirations for European integration with demands to end government corruption and human rights abuses. This one-credit seminar will introduce students to a variety of perspectives on Europe. Students who enroll will meet with European officials and policy-makers, and discuss new research with eminent scholars of Europe from a variety of disciplines. Lectures and seminars will illuminate current issues and debates in Europe, and suggest what Europe can teach us about the world.

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