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As part of Notre Dame's new Keough School of Global Affairs, the Nanovic Institute for European Studies offers a rich set of opportunities for students interested in Europe in a global context. 

Undergraduate Concentration in "Global Europe"

Contributing to an emerging undergraduate curriculum in Global Affairs (scheduled to begin in fall 2019), the Nanovic Institute and its faculty fellows are developing a new curriculum of five specialized courses focused on Europe in a global perspective. 

Minor in European Studies

The Nanovic Institute continues to offer a Minor in European Studies (MES) which comprises four courses and a required capstone essay. The MES program at Nanovic is a great way for you to interact with the best faculty in European Studies and develop an international perspective.

Funding Opportunities

Learning is not just for the classroom. Through the Nanovic Institute, you can explore Europe, learn its languages, pursue your own research projects, and connect to European communities of work and service. We have competitive grant opportunities for every stage of your undergraduate career.

An Intellectual Community

Located in Nanovic Hall, the Nanovic Institute prides itself in bringing the best of Europe to campus. Gain access to visiting politicians, learn from a diverse group of visiting scholars, be inspired by European artists, and immerse yourself in European cultural activities. Most of all, connect to faculty passionate about European affairs!

We are easy to find. Come visit us!

Chris Stump
Student Coordinator

Minor in European Studies & Nanovic Grant Programs

Office: 1060 Nanovic Hall

Office Hrs Wed: 3-4pm,Thur:1-3pm
Telephone: 574-631-8326

Email: cstump@nd.edu

Anthony Monta
Associate Director

Nanovic Institute for European Studies

Office: 1060 Nanovic Hall
Telephone: 574-631-3545

Email: amonta@nd.edu