January 2019

William Collins Donahue, director
William Collins Donahue
Director, Nanovic Institute for European Studies at the Keough School of Global Affairs
Cavanaugh Professor of the Humanities
Professor of German & Concurrent Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you've made a good start to the spring semester, although at this writing there's very little hint of spring. I'm feeling the polar chill that will shut down the University later today. 

At the Nanovic, we've been keeping ourselves busy organizing a number of events that, we hope, will illuminate the huge challenges facing Europe. This as well as subsequent emails are meant to keep you abreast of our ambitious agenda, which can only succeed if you participate! Please mark your calendars accordingly.

We started off the year by convening a great meeting of the Faculty Executive Committee. We discussed a lot of things, including a major conference to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of 1989 that we will host next fall. 

At the upcoming Fellows Meeting (February 21), I'll brief you on our progress toward an "enhanced mission" at the Institute, and lay out the procedures we'll deploy for developing a new strategic plan. We'll want everyone's input on that, and we've scheduled a number of opportunities for you to consult with us.

But before all that important business, we hope to see you at next week's cocktail party (see the separate invitation from Mel) that we'll host to welcome our spring 2019 visitors from Europe. Come have a drink and get to know these great colleagues. We'd like them to get to know you and possibly work with you via a guest presentation in a course or perhaps even a research collaboration. Please join us!

And in the mean time, bundle up!

Best wishes,