From the Director

William Collins Donahue, director
Clemens Sedmak Professor of Social Ethics, Keough School of Global Affairs
Director, Nanovic Institute for European Studies

Welcome to the Nanovic Institute for European Studies! 

We are committed to nurturing Notre Dame’s love for Europe and its growing interest in European Studies.

The Nanovic Institute serves students and faculty, across all academic disciplines, and works closely with our Catholic Universities Partnership to support the continued development of Catholic higher education across Europe. We are engaged in forging closer ties between the United States and Europe. While crucial for academic research and the creation of a broad intellectual horizon, these ties are even more important for global peace and a spirit of cooperation.

Questions about Europe are questions about the world. In the words of the famous theologian Karl Rahner, “Decisions about the future of Europe directly or indirectly concern the entire person amid the peoples of Europe as a whole and, given the present unity of world history, the totality of humankind. Such questions are ultimately no longer questions about this or that fragment in the whole of reality. They are questions about the whole world.”

The Nanovic Institute, as part of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs, is encouraged to see European issues as global issues, questions about Europe as questions about the planet, our common home.

Please feel welcome to learn more about our mission, our events, our programs, and the faces and stories connected to the Institute. If you need to know more or if you have feedback for us—please get in touch!

With all good wishes,

Clemens Sedmak