Exploring Europe at Notre Dame

The Nanovic Institute aims to increase the impact of European Studies at Notre Dame by fostering interdisciplinary research of our faculty fellows, visiting scholars, and guest speakers. By promoting research on the historical, political, and cultural challenges to European unification as well as Catholicism in Europe, we hope to address Europe’s compelling problems with contemporary resonance.  The Institute publishes a booklet of student grant reports and a report highlighting our activities from the academic year.

All of these publications are free and open to the public (PDF).

Minor in European Studies

2016-2017 Year in Review

Year in Review

Since the Nanovic Institute’s initial newsletter in winter 2007, the newsletter has grown in size and scope to present a comprehensive picture of our activities and the accomplishments of our programs, faculty, and visiting scholars.

Transforming Students, the 2016-17 Grant Booklet

Student Testimonials

Each year, undergraduate and graduate students submit reports and images from their Nanovic-funded experiences in research, language training, and internship and service. Their stories are also featured online as student spotlights.

Lecture Papers

Lecture Papers are published text versions of the lectures from our different guest lectures and named lecture series. The Institute published these papers to help communicate the issues and perspectives that are at the forefront of contemporary Europe.  Hard copies are no longer available, but you may download the PDF version below.  Lectures can be viewed on our YouTube video channel.

Paper 16
Europe (in Practice): Which Culture for the Union? 
Roberto M. Dainotto

Paper 15 
Identity and Self-Construction Among the Children of Maghrebian Immigrants in France 
Azouz Begag

Paper 14 
The European Court versus the Crucifix
A Panel Discussion by Paolo Carozza, Richard W. Garnett, and Donald P. Kommers

Paper 13 
The Fall of the Wall and Its Implications Twenty Years Later 
Horst M. Teltschik in an Interview by Ambassador J.D. Bindenagel 

Paper 12 
The Culture of the Enemy: A Critique of Huntington from Freud and Nietzsche 
Marc Crépon

Paper 11 
The Role of Trans-Atlantic Relations in World Governance 
Guido Lenzi

Paper 10 
Catholicism and Secularism in Contemporary Europe 
Archbishop Angelo Amato, S.D.B.

Paper 9 
The God of Europe: Christian Roots and the Future of Europe 
Mario Mauro

Paper 8 
Catholicism and Islam: Points of Convergence and Divergence, Encounter and Cooperation 
Archbishop Celestino Migliore

Paper 7 
The Carbon Footprint of Modern Corporation: A European Perspective
Dr. Gordon L. Clark

Paper 6 
The Vatican Museums: The Holy See’s Portal to the World 
Dr. Francesco Buranelli

Paper 5 
The Future of Economic and Political Relations Between the European Union and the United States
Ambassador John Bruton

Paper 4 
Neighbors? Jews and Catholics in Post-Shoah Poland and The Theological and Pastoral Reception of Nostra Aetate in Poland 
Archbishop H.E. Mons. Jozef Zycinski

Paper 3 
Pope Benedict XVI’s Remarks About Islam: Five Perspectives from the University of Notre Dame 
R. Scott Appleby, Brad S. Gregory, Paul V. Kollman, CSC, A. Rashied Omar, and W. David Solomon

Paper 2 
Challenges Facing American and European Catholic Universities: A View from the Vatican 
Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB

Paper 1 
Language Wars: Language Policies and Globalization 
Louis-Jean Calvert