Film Series: Contemporary European Cinema (2014)

Each semester, the Nanovic Institute creates a thematic film series focused on European cinema. Each screening in the series will have a twenty-minute introductory presentation by a filmmaker or scholar. All films are shown in the THX-certified Browning Cinema at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center on campus.

Tickets for all films are $7 general admission, $6 faculty/staff, $5 senior citizens, and $4 all students. To purchase tickets, contact the box office at 574-631-2800 or visit A limited number of FREE tickets are available at the Nanovic Institute for Nanovic fellows and minors in the European studies program. Occasionally we have a few extra tickets to spare, so stop by and ask!

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The Best in Recent European Cinema

The Selfish Giant

February 20
Directed by Clio Barnard
91 minutes | Not Rated
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Set on the outskirts of Bradford, the film follows two young lads, Arbor (Conner Chapman) and Swifty (Shaun Thomas), and their dealings with a local scrap dealer. Boldly cinematic and featuring astonishing performances from the two leads, The Selfish Giant further cements Barnard’s reputation as a visionary filmmaker.

The Pervert's Guide to Ideology

March 27
Directed by Sophie Fiennes
136 minutes | Not Rated
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Philosopher Slavoj Zizek and filmmaker Sophie Fiennes use their interpretation of moving pictures to present a compelling cinematic journey into the heart of ideology – the dreams that shape our collective beliefs and practices.


April 10
Directed by Claire Denis
100 minutes | Not Rated
(Due to mature content, no one under 17 may be admitted.)
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Acclaimed director Claire Denis’s jagged, daringly fragmented and darkest film is a genuinely contemporary film noir inspired by recent French sex ring scandals involving men of wealth and power. An official selection at the Cannes and Toronto Film Fesitvals.

Pour Une Femme

April 24
Directed by Diane Kurys
110 minutes | Not Rated
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In her mid-thirties, Anne still knows practically nothing of her family’s past. After her mother’s death, Anne discovers old photos and letters that convince her to take a closer look at her parents’ life after the concentration camps of World War II. In a journey that stretches from post-war France and to the 1980s, Anne’s destiny intertwines with her father’s past until they form a single, unforgettable story

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