Fall 2015 Film Series: Forms of Realism

Forms of Realism

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This semester’s series explores how European directors have grappled with representing non-fictional people and events.

Documentaries for example have aimed simply to document real people and events as such; they stake out a minimalist approach when it comes to form and cinematography. "Docudramas" are more theatrically-minded, concentrating on elements in real events that make their presentation of real events more emotionally engaging. Other films go further still, using whatever formal means of presentation they see fit in order to follow Brecht in his belief that “art is not a mirror held up to nature, but a hammer with which to shape it.”

Perched between objectivity and activism, revelation and representation, authorship and censorship, these films are all “forms of realism” that point us to realities that lie within, but especially beyond, cinema itself.

Image Credit:
Bicycle rider on Bordeaux water mirror
Photo copyright: David Phan
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Modified by J. Lechtanski

Friday, September 25 at 7pm
India's Daughter (2015)
Directed by Leslee Udwin
Director Leslee Udwin is scheduled to appear in person

Tuesday, October 27 at 8pm
The Battle of Algiers (1966)
Directed by Gillo Pontecorvo
Introduced by Alan O'Leary, Associate Professor of Italian, University of Leeds

Thursday, November 5 at 7pm
An Evening with Mario Damolin
Director Mario Damolin is scheduled to appear in person

Thursday, December 10 at 7pm
Red Army (2014)
Directed by Gabe Polsky
Director Gabe Polsky is scheduled to appear in person

All films are shown in the THX-certified Browning Cinema at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center on campus. To purchase tickets, contact the box office at 574-631-2800 or visit performingarts.nd.edu.

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