Our faculty fellows conduct research, organize symposia and conferences, advise students in European studies, and set the tone for the institute’s growth through the Faculty Committee.

The Nanovic Institute is a gathering point for over 150 faculty in European studies from more than 25 departments at the University of Notre Dame.

The Nanovic Institute for European Studies fosters their interdisciplinary research. It supports the development of new courses and library collections, participation in international conferences, and the introduction of world-class guest speakers into classes. Faculty fellows hold symposia at Notre Dame and its special locations abroad. When European events dominate the news, faculty create flash panels and discussion groups to explore contemporary issues with colleagues and students.

View Faculty Fellows Alphabetically

School of Architecture
Selena K. Anders
Dennis Doordan
Michael Lykoudis
David Mayernik
Samantha Salden
Steven Semes
Lucien Steil
Duncan Stroik
Krupali Uplekar Krusche
Samir Younes

Mendoza College of Business
Viva Bartkus (Management)
Georges Enderle (Marketing)
Patrick Murphy (Marketing)
John Sherry (Marketing)

Eck School of Law
Paolo Carozza
Donald Kommers (emeritus)

Snite Museum of Art
Cheryl Snay

College of Engineering
Jim Merz (Electrical)
Gregory Timp (Electrical)

College of Science
Jacek Furdyna (Physics)
Alexander Hahn (Mathematics)
François Ledrappier (Mathematics)

Hesburgh Libraries
Tracy Bergstrom
Laura Fuderer
Robert Kusmer
Natasha Lyandres
Marsha Stevenson
Julie Tanaka

College of Arts and Letters
American Studies
Kathleen Cummings
Sophie White

Maurizio Albahari
Fr. Patrick Gaffney, C.S.C.
Ian Kuijt

Art, Art History, and Design
Robert Coleman
Jean Dibble
Dennis Doordan
Robin Rhodes
Charles Rosenberg

Christopher Baron 
W. Martin Bloomer
Brian Krostenko
Hildegund (Gundi) Müller
Isabelle Torrance

East Asian Languages & Cultures
Michael Brownstein

Simeon Alder
Thomas Gresik
Jeff Thurk

Joseph Buttigieg
Margaret Anne Doody
Stephen Fallon
Christopher Fox
Romana Huk
Gregory Kucich
Jesse Lander
John Matthias (emeritus)
Barry McCrea
Susannah Monta
Yasmin Solomonescu
Chris Vanden Bossche
Elliot Visconsi
Henry Weinfield

Film, Television, and Theatre
Ted Barron
Christine Becker
James Collins
Donald Crafton
Richard Donnelly
Anne García-Romero
Peter Holland
Bríona Nic Dhiarmada

Gender Studies
Eileen Hunt Botting
Carlos Jerez-Farran
Encarnación Juárez-Almendros
Catherine Perry
Alison Rice

German and Russian Languages and Literatures
Tobias Boes
Denise Della Rossa
Carsten Dutt
Alyssa Gillespie
Vittorio Hösle
Claire Jones
Robert Norton
Mark Roche
Albert Wimmer

Steven Brady
Catherine Cangany
John Deak
Lauren Faulkner Rossi
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Brad Gregory
Patrick Griffin
Christopher Hamlin
Thomas Kselman
Semion Lyandres
Alexander Martin
Margaret Meserve
Thomas Noble
Rory Rapple
James Smyth
Robert Sullivan