Internship & Service Grants

The institute supports student summer internships and service opportunities in a variety of fields in Europe’s most international cities and revealing locales: Brussels, Paris, Le Mans, Milan, Rome, Parma, Lausanne, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, and Krakow.

Due February 20, 2017
Herrly Internship in Paris Grant 

Rolling Deadline – UNTIL April 3, 2017
Applications will be accepted unless funds are exhausted before the final deadline.

European Internship & Service Grants

Notes & Special Guidelines

  • The best internship grant application from the School of Architecture in any given year will be awarded a special prize, The Palladio Prize for Best Internship Proposal in Architecture.
  • The Nanovic Dublin Internship Grant is administered through Notre Dame’s Irish Internships Programme. Students should apply directly to the Irish Internships Programme through Go IRISH.  
  • Students who wish to apply for funding for an internship with the Cannes Film Festival must must follow the guidelines:
    • Funding for Cannes Film Festival applicants is limited to two (2) students.
    • Suitable grant applications will meet a number of criteria (see our grant guidelines), including whether this will be the student’s first experience at Cannes and whether the student will be traveling to Europe for the first time.
    • All grant applications are due by 11:59pm of the American Pavilion’s early decision deadline date, December 9, 2016.
      Applications need not include proof of acceptance into the program upon submission, but must include proof that an application was submitted to the Cannes Student Program Selection Committee by the early decision deadline. When applicants receive their acceptance or non-acceptance into the internship program, they must immediately communicate that information to Student Coordinator Chris Stump at
    • Applications received by the Nanovic Institute by the early decision deadline date will be considered as a group and not on a rolling basis. Grant applications from students interning at the Cannes Film Festival and received after the early decision deadline date will not be considered.
  • All questions regarding these special guidelines should be directed to Chris Stump, Student Coordinator, at

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