Graduate Research and Travel Grants

  • Thomas S. Davis (Britain) “European Modernism and the Politics of Everyday Life.”
  • Gavin M. Foster (Ireland) “The Origins and Legacy of the Irish Civil War.”
  • Marion C. Rohrleitner (Germany & Austria) “‘Talking about a Revolution’: The Shared roots of Contemporary German-Turkish and US-Latino Immigrant Literatures in the Social Protest Movements of the 1960s.”
  • James A. Thompson (Europe) “A Realist Theory of Integration.”
  • Tonia A. Warnecke (Luxembourg) “Family, Policy, Fertility and Women’s Labor Force Participation in Eastern Europe.”

Additional Graduate Support

  • Martin Beisswenger (Moscow) The Paul G. Tobin Dissertation Fellowship “Exodus to the East: Eurasianism as Religious Anti-Westernism.” Award amount: $15,000
  • James Matthew Wilson and Tommy Davis (English) received a Speaker Support grant to bring in Dr. Jay M. Bernstein to lead a private session with the Modernist Studies Reading Group, and to give a public lecture on Theodor W. Adorno’s “Aesthetic Theory,” and the New Aestheticism.
  • Miranda Wilcox (Medieval Institute) received a Speaker Support grant to support the Vagantes conference, March 3-5, 2005.