The Nanovic Institute publishes student grant reports, an annual newsletter highlighting our activities from the academic year, and occasional papers from our supported lecture series and conferences.  All of these publications are free of charge and can be downloaded as PDFs.

The Nanovic Institute aims to increase the impact of European Studies at Notre Dame by fostering interdisciplinary research of our faculty fellows, visiting scholars, and guest speakers. By promoting research on the historical, political, and cultural challenges to European unification as well as Catholicism in Europe, we hope to address Europe’s compelling problems with contemporary resonance.

Year in Review

Since the Nanovic Institute’s initial newsletter in winter 2007, the newsletter has grown in size and scope to present a comprehensive picture of our activities and the accomplishments of our programs, faculty, and visiting scholars.


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Student Testimonials

Each year, undergraduate and graduate students submit reports and images from their Nanovic-funded experiences in research, language training, and internship and service. Their stories are also posted online.

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